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My bird humps every pillow he sees. Should I let him be?

Asked by BoyWonder (806points) February 1st, 2012

I have a cockatiel that’s gonna be 2 years old soon. He has a habit of rubbing himself on any soft thing he gets in contact with. I can’t mate him at the moment because I don’t have a female for him. Should I leave him be or should I try to discourage him from getting off? Will it harm him either way?

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Bird masturbation is fairly normal.

That said, if you are not pleased with him using your pillows, you may want to provide him with a soft toy to be used just for this behavior. A washable plush animal that you put in his cage once a day, may stop him from desiring to do this when he’s out visiting with you.

As with any behavior you’re not fond of, remember to reward positive behavior and ignore the negative.

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It probably won’t hurt anything.

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I have a goose that humps pillows too and he has a mate. It is breeding season starting right about now until June for most species, big and small, it’s normal, maybe get him a girlfriend.

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Leave him be :)

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He’s gotta be better than my dog.

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Watch for signs of your bird becoming more aggressive toward you. If so, you might want to back off on the availability of “hump toys.” But if he’s being his normal self? You might want to get him something like this. It would serve the purpose.

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He’s having fun I guess. Would you like it if your mum came in and slapped your hands away every time you decided you needed a bit of relief? If the pillow doesn’t mind…

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Yes, if you come over here in the spring you’re gonna get goosed. lol

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How would you do if you were captive and horny and had no release?

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Our Miniture Schnauzer does the same thing. Unless we have company over, we do our best to just ignore it! LOL!

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How many pillows does he actually see? I am having a tough time getting a visual on a bird who goes room to room, racking up encounters with all sorts of pillows. Does he have the run of the house? Do you have lots of pillows?

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I have pillows on my couch in the living room. He usually goes for anything soft he could sit himself on and just rub away back and forth. Hey he’s usually happy doing it so I leave him for the most part. For the folks who said how would I like it if I was captive and whatnot, I’m not a bird so I wouldn’t know. Thanks everyone!

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He is a pillow whore…

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Does he leave any discharge on the pillows? That would kinda gross me out. Does he do this to your bed head pillow? That would more than kinda gross me out.

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No, no discharge and no not on the pillow I sleep on, just on the pillows in the living room. It’s not a compulsive thing, more like on occasion.

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@Bellatrix “He is a pillow whore…”

Unless he shakes spare change out of the cushions. That would make him a pillow hooker… No wait… A Pillow John? A Pillow Pimp?

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A pillow perv. The pervy bird gets the squirm. lol

I just posted the other day that I want to make a youtube video of my goose Marwyn and his fetish for a silk pillow in my living room. I am going to try to fllm him in the next week or so and call the video ” The big red sex pillow.haha

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True @RealEyesRealizeRealLies. I wasn’t thinking about it so deeply though… whatever he is.. he likes pillows and what’s wrong with that?

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I wonder, are they feather pillows? Ironically Marwyns sex pillow is a goose down pillow. lol
I didn’t know it was a feather pillow til I read the label or I wouldn’t have bought it. How sick is that? Goose necrophilia. :-/

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Well, how does the pillow feel about it?

Seriously though, I’m sure he’s fine. Maybe try a plushie in his cage for him to hump on if you’re trying to protect the virtue of your pillows.

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