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What are good sources for my thesis research?

Asked by FunSteve (24points) February 1st, 2012

Please I need help finding good citation, books and reading regarding E-retailing, E-trading, or E-marketing. I am doing my thesis topic on E-trade i.e. Ebay. So please contribute. Your answers are appreciated.

Many thanks in advance.

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Your library (probably) has free subscriptions to academic journals. Those are the types of things your professor expects you to cite.

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Chances are your school will have access to online journal resources like Jstor. You should ask your school’s librarian.

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Read about trade journals here, and here. Magazine sites like these: and and any others you think of after reading about the concept of trade journals will help you understand your terms and the businesses these terms are applied to.

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I am on the reference desk tonight and did a quick search on JStor using the term e commerce; it returned over 100,000 hits. You could of course narrow your search to the specific terms based on the areas of e commerce you are researching. A Lexis Nexis search of major world publications returned almost 1,000 hits.

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Read other theses with research similar to your topic. Read journal articles and look at the reference lists the authors have used.

If you are lacking in research skills, it would be a valuable investment of time, to attend some workshops offered by your university library. Most university libraries have online tutorials and face-to-face workshops plus your school may have its own dedicated librarian that can give you some tips.

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Your college library should have some good business databases such as Business Source Premier. As has been stated by others, there will be numerous journal articles you can access through databases on E-commerce.

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