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If you were a serious student and thought you would "make a difference", would you be able to justify your role in triviality?

Asked by Blueroses (18251points) February 1st, 2012

I have a “news magazine” show on TV as background noise. The voiceover might be; “Murder in the suburbs, what are the warning signs? But, first… Why does this dog go crazy every time the toilet flushes? Find out… after this message.”

I wondered about the earnest journalism students I knew. Did they ever see themselves luring in an audience with a dog and a toilet? Do they justify the fluff by thinking that brings the audience in for the serious issues, or when do they stop kidding themselves?

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Just because you are a serious student, doesn’t mean you have abandoned your sense of humor or your sense of fun or your ability to play.

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Actually reminds me of the movie Morning Glory—saw it a bit ago—one sentence really stuck out in my mind, something to the effect:
“Entertainment and news/information have been battling each other for centuries. Guess what? Entertainment won.”

It really bothered me.

And a local radio station around where I live, recently, they just fired all the long-time reputable-journalists-turned-talkshowhosts. The ones who would bring in actual, mattering news and have actual intellectual/interesting/relevant/meaningful discussions. They replaced them with a bunch of screamers/hype-ers, claiming people didn’t listen to the guys with the journalist backgrounds. Now, though, the radio station now really is losing listenership, from so many boycotting or just not being interested anymore.

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I can’t believe the difference when I flip the XM radio between BBC abd CNN. The rest of the world is not as nutty as we are.

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I just think there aren’t enough serious journalist jobs so good folks end up taking quasi journalist jobs. It is a shame, really. So many people want to make a career of it but Americans who want real, un-fooled-with and non-journalist-created news are decreasing in numbers for the so-called cable-type news. Yes, the news is in there but unless you really pay attention you miss it in favor of commentary.

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If you want to “make a difference” you probably don’t work for entertainment journalism.

Face it. Most people just want to make a living and are willing to do what they have to so long as they can still pretend they are doing what they wanted to do. Advertising pays the bills. You wanna save the world? Then see if you can sell it that idea.

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“There aren’t enough serious journalist jobs”
That was exactly my thought. My dear, sincere friends… did you ever picture yourself saying the words, ”But first! Could your dish soap be killing you? Find out after the break!

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@DancingMind , that quote is becomming my facebook status. Since it was “something to the effect…” I’m not going to atribute it to anyone. :-)

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@Judi—Hah! : ) [Wonder how many ‘likes’ you’ll get…]

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@Blueroses Thank you. if you were referring to my response

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