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What's the most unique way you met someone you have dated?

Asked by willbrawn (6609points) May 21st, 2008 from iPhone
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I met my now fiancé through myspace. She email one random LDS guy in Denver and found me. Been in love from the beginning.

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during new years eve, this girl was damn wasted, and i brought her home, we walked for about 90 minutes, by the time i was with my friends it was already 2:30 am, so, when i talked to her the next day, i joked to her she could make it up by finding me a girl, she introduced me to a friend, that turned out to be my next girlfriend…

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The only girl I ever dated is now my wife. We met taking pastry classes at the Cordon Bleu in Paris and were married 3 months later.

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I was my husband’s nanny for his two older children. He was a divorced single dad with full custody of his two daughters. He was a firefighter working twenty four hour shifts. After working for him for a year…we went out to the movies…started dating… And married a year later. We have been married fifteen years!

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Tripped over her on a soccer field.

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oh my these stories are SO cute. Too bad I have… Nothing. I met my man at a
BBQ… Wow, how exciting (sarcasm). I guess something unique was I had this feeling that he was the one, the minute I layed eyes on him. @Harp; that is the cutest story I have ever heard!

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@mzgator, that’s a great story.

Back in the days of telnet (circa 1994) some chick randomly e-mailed me during my junior year of college. I thought she was an enterprising high schooler who wanted to learn more about my school. Instead, she was also a junior attending college in Colorado. We struck up a correspondence, and I went out to meet and hook up with her that summer.

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I dated a nurse I ment when I had to pronounce one of her patients deceased

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I went on a canoeing trip as part of college freshman orientation. We were up in the Minnesota wilderness, in the Boundary Waters. Middle of nowhere. There were only like 6 of us on the trip with two guides, but I met the woman I ended up being with for most of college on that trip.

It wasn’t love at first sight at all. We argued throughout the trip, then later became friends, then started dating. She’s a great woman – I’m grateful for the whole experience.

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I was walking in the mall with a group of friends, I had recently been getting over the fact that I couldn’t date the guy I wanted. So I was boy friendless, and a friend of my freinds was girl friendless. So my friend was basically like “Hmm….you two should go out. You guys are officially going out now.” And I couldn’t say no because the poor kid never even had a girlfriend before. So we ended up dating just like that.

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I picked my ex husband up hitch hiking.

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I went to a video store with my cousin. I was looking for a movie and he started talking to the girl behind the counter as he knew her. She had put 3 names of boys into a hat as she was trying to decide who to take to the debs (prom). He got her to put in my name and she picked me out. She didn’t take me to the debs but we did meet up and got married. Thanks cus

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