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Forget weird, what is the most useful fact that you know?

Asked by troubleinharlem (7976points) February 1st, 2012

If you are ever tossed around in an avalanche, first clear away enough snow to be able to see your zipper tab, or anything else that hangs from your clothing. Its position (due to gravity) will show you which way is up, so you know which way to try to dig.

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When being chased by a hungry bear… you don’t have to be a fast runner to get away. You only need to be a little faster than your slowest fellow camp mate.

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The ocean is not your friend, so never turn your back on it.

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When running from a bear, run downhill. You will get more speed going downward while the bears smaller front legs will prevent it from reaching maximum speed.

“It is better to be thought a fool than speak and remove all doubt”

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But they have changed that recently to CAB.

Stop the bleeding, clear the airway, make sure they are breathing.

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Most people don’t actually stand by what they say and will back down if challenged because they aren’t used to being challenged. This is especially true of bullies and assholes. Most people lack spines/guts/balls/ovaries or whatever you want to call it.

My friend told me this and I have thus far found it to be mostly true. For example, a guy I know made a dumb joke about one of our professors the other day. I said “Jason, that’s not funny.” He said “lololol yeah it is.” I said “No, it’s not. That’s dumb.” And he replied “Ok, yeah, you’re right” and then looked very downtrodden.

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If your ever attacked and grabbed from the back push your heel really hard on your attackers shin and scrap down hard and fast. If they let go to grab their shin and you still have no time to run for safety than grab their hair in both hands and slam their face as hard as you can against your knee as you bring it up.
If your face forward you can also try slamming your forhead toward their nose really hard. You may get a headache but a broken nose is hard to get over. Your forehead is harder.
Actually works well for any animal attacking. Hit the eyes or nose.
If your forward you can also slam your foot as hard as you can on their knee cap. They won’t be able to chase you. Or if your behind hit them in the kidneys as hard as possible.
Oh if their head is directly behind you because the are holding you than you can also try to slam them hard with the back of your head as hard as possible.

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If your car is going fast down a hill or over a bridge into the water, open the door or roll down the window before you hit the water because you may not be able to do that if you submerge.

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All bleeding stops eventually.

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Don’t feed trolls, unless you want to get bitten.

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You should only order fancy cocktails when the bartenders are wearing vests. Trust me on this.

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There’s a knot for every occasion. The Boy Scouts taught me about ten knots, and I use them daily; sometimes I even improvise, a task made easier by knowing how knots work.

Build a man a fire and he’s warm for a day. Set a man on fire, and he’s warm for the rest of his life.

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@Keep_on_running Well, once you get into the swank cocktails an awful lot of bartenders don’t have the ingredients, know how or inclination to make them properly. Take my old favorite Tom Collins for instance, I swear the times I’ve ignored my rule I’ve had the bartender pull out a collins mix on me, that or they really didn’t know what they were doing. Either way it’s bad. But you go to a nice bar and they’ll mix it up for you the way god intended. I use the vest test to gauge a bar’s caliber as you know they take booze seriously when the bartenders look like this. This is also acceptable.

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@fundevogel Ahh, I see. That’s a good little theory there.

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22.4.liters of a gas at standard temperature and pressure has a mass the same as its molecular weight.
I use that all the time to answer questions like: Is methane lighter than air? What about ethane? Can I displace CO2 with with ethane? What is the density of propane?
And I don’t need to go to the “answer-box” to figure it out.

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Women become temporarily more attractive relative to the amount of alcohol consumed by the one attracted to them.

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Washington state senate approved gay marriage.

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Running in place will never produce the same results as running from a lion.

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Vinegar halts the burning process dead. If you burn your skin, pour vinegar on it, then soak in an cold water bath with added vinegar.

I am a big klutz and I love to cook. I use this all the time.

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@Seek_Kolinahr I’ve heard it works on jellyfish stings too. It doesn’t even have to be strong, a nice vinaigrette will do.

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I’ve used it to help with sunburns too,back when I used to let the sun touch me.

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Am I the only one who thinks putting acid on a burn is a bad idea? This sounds a little like an old wives’ tale.

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Well the LA Times confirms it neutralizes alkaline chemical burns (from cleaning supplies and such). emedicine confirms the jellyfish thing, it halts further toxin release by the tiny bits of tentacle stuck to the sting.

There’s mixed opinion on it’s use on regular burns. Can any one find a credible report on the subject?

I always just stick a burn under cold water as fast as possible.

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When you call someone’s cell and get their VM, pushing * on the cell phone will allow you to circumvent the long greeting and the annoying electronic instructions, and send you straight to their voice mail. Most of the time it’s *, but occasionally it’s #. So nice.

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@Dutchess_III That is the best answer! Crap, its the 21st century already. We all know to start talking right after the beep so why all the jibberjabber waiting for it? It’s my guess the com companies will make extra $ on airtime charges while we wait through all that. Cool.

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@woodcutter I know, right? It’s like talk talk talk talk And if you’d like to know how to build a nuclear bomb push 7.

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At least the prompts are in an English dialect still.

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* pushes 7 *

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waits for large boom

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* glows in the dark *

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GIANT ants!!

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It takes exactly, more or less ,38 piercings of a GI can opener to wrest the lid off a can of combat rations. And the thing is about 38mm in length. Actually thats not a really useful fact these days with most of the food cans with the pull top lids

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@woodcutter I thought that you just used the blade to see-saw-slice in one continuous strip, instead of making separate perforations.

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@Nullo Well yes that is a more accurate way to say it. What I was meaning anyway. More like plunges in between moving it down the seam to get another bite. I keep trying to remember to actually count these but in the end I’m too busy holding my mouth right in order to get through the ordeal. It’s not a perfect devise but when you are really hungry and discovered you aren’t dealing with a pop -top top can, it is your instant best friend….....
edit..the 38 plunges really only works when using cans of the exact same circumference as those awful olive drab ones, so this really becomes an even more useless fact . so, nevermind.

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@Nullo it kind of depends on if you plan on heating the can before or after you take the lid off. If it is after, you still need to cut a couple vents before you set it on the flat rock next to the fire.

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Heh, Heh. While in Grafenwoer I was sitting at a table with the maintenance section, And I witnessed the motor Sargent make the mistake of piercing his hot can on the low side and got a burst of really hot chicken juice in the eye….funny. You had to have been there.

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A thousand pound solid steel door doesn’t have to be shutting at all hard to KILL your thumb. It just has to lean on it. SHIT!!!!$%#$%%$^&**((#@!!!!!!!!!!! ><

@Woodcutter…I find it a bit worrisome that some one in the maintenance section of the military (ie supposedly an engineer or mechanic of some kind) wouldn’t understand the most basics of physics! Or…maybe not. It’s the gubment!

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@Dutchess_III I think there was a conversation going on at the table at the time and the guy probably got caught up in it and dumped his concentration or something like that and pulled a boner but it was funny. Plus everything the army has is always provided by the lowest bidder.

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Yeah, the lowest bidder who still charges the army 10 times what it’s actually worth! They need to hook up with Walmart.

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