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What aresome things that you tend to spend a lot of money on? What are some things you are cheap about?

Asked by punkrockworld (960points) February 1st, 2012

I feel like sometimes we make some things a priority and other things we substitute with cheaper alternatives. What is your take on this?

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Things I willingly and freely splurge on:
1. Gun stuff
2. Books (especially from used bookstores)
3. Vinyl LPs
4. Dinner and drinks for friends

Things I am stingy about:
1. Everything else

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Lots of money= guns, ammo, fishing and camping equipment.
Cheap= pretty much everything else.

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Used to be, I’d splurge on find food and wine. Nowadays I’m tight about everything. Reversal of fortune requires that. I feel fortunate that I am basically a cheapskate. And a cheap date,

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I spend to much money on travel. I could get away with flying coach, so I’ll blame it on my husband.

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I’m willing to spend plenty on my health and that of my love ones.
Willing to spend plenty on quality food, comfort and clothing (practical and comfortable).
Everything else, I pretty much shop for bargains or can do without.

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I spend my money on mortgage, and that is all I want.

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@jazmina88 , That reminds me, the mortgage and credit card bills are the things I have become stingy about. I went from 2 (1 huge) homes with mortgages to one small home, and if I can’t afford it I refuse to borrow from credit cards anymore, I can just do without. If I want it bad enough I will save up for it.

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I spend a fair amount of money on gas. Well, I spend a fair amount relatively speaking. My car is very gas efficient so I can afford to splurge a bit on gas. I have a lot of friends who don’t drive so I’m the driver a lot and I have a tendency to just go for long drives as a way to calm myself or just if I’m bored. I just spent over an hour in the car with a friend just driving around.

We happened upon what we think was a drug deal. We didn’t stop, we just turned the car around and got the hell out of there.

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I’ve spent a lot of money on international travel, and I don’t regret it. I skimp on heat and have the thermostat turned way down low all winter.

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I spent a lot on my camera.
Bottled water.
And gum.

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I’m comfortable spending large amounts of money on things where price is pretty well tied to quality. Guns fall in here, as are computer parts. I pay no attention to the price of a book that I want to read, either.
I’m cheap about my phone service, my car’s nonessential woes, and clothes.

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Spend on – still look for best price but tend to spend a lot on…

Camera equipment

Stingy – or more truthfully I look for bargains.

Take-away food
And stuff where the quality isn’t so important

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I enjoy good food, spending on my pets, taking my daughter to lunch, occasional travel.
Cheap, I am keeping my car til it blows up, conserve on driving and gas as much as possible and have not taken a vacation in 2 years, because I’m still paying off the last one. lol Yes, reversal of fortune in this economy the last few years.

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I don’t call it spending a lot but there are things I believe are worth paying a premium for:
Firearms- I buy the best of what I want, no want of an upgrade later.
Handbags- the quality I buy lasts decades with care.
Particular brands of clothes- I’ll pay more for what’s proven consistent quality and fit.

Cheap, I’m not cheap but I am frugal for most everything else.

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Last year 90% of my income went on train tickets, concer tickets and books.

I don’t anticipate this changing!

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