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North American jellies, you win a free trip to Europe with a 2 week stay, which countries would you like to visit?

Asked by Jude (32144points) February 2nd, 2012

What would be your “must-sees”? What would like to do whilst there? Stay in a castle? Visit certain museums?

When school is done, I’m treating myself (and my partner) to a two week trip to Europe!

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I would visit old friends in France and Germany.

If it was my first trip to Europe, I would visit Ireland, Switzerland, and/or Spain along the Medeterrainian coast.

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My Jake in Montmartre; then one of the regions of France -either Normandy, the Dordogne or the Southwest (Carcassone, etc.), possibly Amsterdam, and then a few days in London, then Bath and the West Country and on to Wales. Ooh – two weeks isn’t enough!

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I’ve been to Ireland, so that’s off the list. I would like to go to England, Scotland, Germany and France. I think that’s enough for only 2 weeks. Ideally, I would visit some more small countries in the vicinity, but 2 weeks is not enough time for all. I would like to travel around Germany extensively, and then see Austria, Belgium. I would like to see Wales. I would like to go up to Switzerland, The Netherlands, Spain, Greece, Czechoslovakia, you name it, I want to see it before I die.

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Germany, Sweden, Germany, and Sweden.

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I’ve had a Prague/Budapest/Venice tour mapped out and awaiting funding (from me).

The other trip I want to take is Barcelona/Pamplona/Biarritz/Pyrenees.

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Greece for a week including the islands. Italy (Firenze) and Pompeii.

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Spain, Greece, Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro. That’s enough for two weeks. Maybe I’d skip Spain and do the Aegean countries thing. Throw in Crete, since I really want to go to Crete.

I’ve never been to these countries. I’ve not been to Southern Italy, either. I wouldn’t mind visiting Sicily. Ok. Now you’ve got to stop me. This is getting serious. I have a vacation coming up and don’t know what I’m doing. Less than two months away!

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It’s kind of like a candy shop – what tempts you the most?

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I don’t like packing up and moving many times. I consider the logistics of moving and time spent packing and unpacking as wasteful. I prefer to rent a car, pick a spot and stay for 5 days and take day trips to see the sights. For two weeks I might have two or three home base locations. I liked Luxembourg. Try to visit someplace that is featured in your heritage. Walking through a street that was likely traveled by an ancestor is magic.
Oh, and Amsterdam is worthwhile on so many levels.

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@LuckyGuy So when are we leaving, boychick?

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Hmmm…I’ve been to a bunch of places in Italy, Paris, London, and Brussels – So I’m thinking Barcelona, Spain.

Okay, when do we leave??

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@cprevite You probably heard about the cookies in Barcelona.

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Another option is to take a cruise. Despite the recent incident with the Costa Concordia it is still an easy and safe way to visit a number of countries without having to unpack and repack the luggage every day.

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@janbb Best offer I’ve had all week! I know a couple of good meeting spots in Amsterdam or Luxembourg if you prefer.
Mondorf Les Bains is always nice.

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@LuckyGuy So last week was a better one?

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Well… it was a lot more graphic.

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England, with London for a whole week, and then traveling through the countryside and eating in pubs and staying in cottages for the rest of the time.

But I might change my mind and want to stay in London for the whole time! I’d want to see things that have to do with Charles Dickens and Sherlock Holmes and the Royals and Jane Austen and the theater district and places where the Beatles went. Apparently the food scene has changed dramatically (for the better) over the last 10 years or so, so eating would also be high on my list. And museums galore!

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You have to decide whether you want to be more of a city mouse or a country mouse. Many cities in Europe are wonderful but I particularly love the little villages. Having said that, Rome is amazing.

You also have to decide whether you want to do one area in depth or graze.

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I’m more of a family person than a traveler. I would spend most of it with my disabled son in Sweden.

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@janbb: No, no. Tell me about the cookies in Barcelona. Tell me slowly.

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Just Italy. ALL over Italy- Rome, Pompeii, Naples, I would go EVERYWHERE in Italy. Why do I have to leave Italy?
BTW- @cprevite, when you have something lined up, let me know! On the way there, if I have a flight layover, I would go to Ireland! Maybe I’ll spend a few weeks there first, and then go on to Italy.

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The British Isles for starters, and then? Return to Germany and Austria, I just love it there and still need to visit the home of Herman Hesse. Maybe revisit the homes of Beethoven and Mozart as well. Sigh… So much to do and so little time to do it in… And definitely revisit Baumholder and see if the house we lived in is still there and the park that I played at… Alone… I never saw another child of my age when we lived in Baumholder except those belonging to other US military personnel… Anyway enough with memory lane, I might revisit France to quickly visit Liszt and Dumas… And other than that, who knows?

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Damn…fuck…too many places. Well, I’d go visit my grandmother in France, that’s priority. Check out the Père Lachaise graveyard. I’ve been there when I was really small, so I don’t remember a damn thing. Time for an upgrade.
Then go hang around England, and check out some of the museums there. I heard they have very enlightening museums about the Holocaust. Someone on here gave me a link, it would be worth visiting. Also, the English party like fucking maniacs. I’d have to experience this.

I’d also love to visit Germany, eat big spicy sausages with sauerkraut, get drunk, and check out some Industrial bands live. I’d also love to visit Russia and Romania. I bet that would be such an awesome experience.

And while it’s not European, I have to go to Norway. I have a mad fascination for this country, its people and culture.

Although I think it would be really need to travel all around Europe as a hobo instead of a tourist, and get to see some sides of the countries you wouldn’t otherwise see.

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