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What is the song with lyrics "You are mine, Caroline"?

Asked by megalongcat (598points) February 2nd, 2012

There is a metal/punk song with lyrics that sound like:
“You are mine, Caroline”
“Oh How I, Love you”
“You showed me how life can really be”

It plays on WSOU FM, This has been bothering me like F**king crazy. What the hell is it called and who is it by?

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I love questions like this, so I spent some time looking – and damn, there are a lot of songs about Caroline! I think your best bet would be to call the station. They’d probably know it immediately.

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I called the station – they refused to answer my question.

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Boo! That’s unimpressive.

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One of the sites I found earlier was this one: Rapid Library, which seems quite comprehensive. If you remember some more of the lyrics, maybe try doing a Google search with those phrases + “rapid library”.

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Male singer? Female?

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I answered the question myself. It’s “Caroline” by Hello Eden. CHECK IT OUT

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