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HTML coders out there: help! You know how you can hover your cursor over certain text for about a second, and then a little text ballon will appear?

Asked by guywithanaccountnow (313points) February 2nd, 2012

I want to know, is it possible to make that happen in your blog on Is there some kind of coding that could be done to enable that?

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Does blogger allow you to type actual HTML in your blogs? If so, then it’s pretty simple:

<span title=“You’ll see this when you hover”>You see this printed on the page normally</span>

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FYI, you don’t really need the span tag if you wanted to use a different one, all you’re talking about is the “TITLE” attribute.

Within any tag that surrounds the text where you want a pop-up (also known as a screen tip), use the title attribute as Mritty showed.

Whether you use span, or another tag around the text, the important part here is the title attribute.

So it could be <span title=“this text pops up on hover”>This is the printed text</span>
<div title=“this text pops up on hover”>This is the printed text</div>

Or any other tag, just put the title attribute in there.

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@gambitking <div> is a block-level tag. Using that would make it so that the hover text appears even on the blank space surrounding the actual text, and would cause line breaks above and below the text in question. The user asked how to make the title text appear, not to change the format of their site.

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