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How could the National Education Association be involved with the Occupy Movements?

Asked by Nathanael (289points) February 2nd, 2012

Any thoughts?

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The only way anyone prestige is involved is if there they can actually offer a solution to protesting the banks. I admire the rebellion of the Occupy Movements. But to be frank, it’s misplaced beef in my eyes. These people are fighting for injustice of the banks, the banks shouldn’t have been bailed out (um years later), yet are willing to work and support the cycle all over again. The American economy is based off of stocks and gold. The NEA is part of the system. All they do is make money off the public tax, I don’t believe they are in any position to risk their jobs over a set of beliefs. That’s why America is great, however, because instead of protesting, one can just take his or her opinion to the polls! :)

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A lot of unions have been involved with the Occupy movement because there has been a concerted effort in the last 13 months to break the backs of unions, especially public service unions. The NEA has fought for school funding, admittedly in their own interest, but also for the benefit of children. They are very much part of the 99%.

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@zenvelo Would you please post examples of union back-breaking?

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@Nullo here’s one article discussing it; it’s not hard to find them with a quick google.

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I don’t know very much about how the educational structures work in America: But I think the issues behind the social injustice that’s sparked the Occupy movement should definitely be in the forefront of people’s minds.

A lot of young people don’t understand the concepts that underpin economics, or how distributive justice is essential to a just society. Social justice is all about the distribution of property: And while it’s difficult to argue against some people having a lot of personal property, it’s very difficult to rationalize them taking a huge percent of a company’s earnings, paying less tax than their shelf stacker and using this money to buy political influence which means they pay less tax, and continue to dominate the markets.

This leads to a snowballing of political power in the hands of personally interested individuals, an increase in poverty and joblsesness and a degrading of public services (because those with money won’t want to pay tax for a facility they don’t use). The fact that you can’t let those with money hold political power, can’t let the government mimic the actions of the markets and can’t let the wealth divide grow too big without dire consequences is something that every political philosopher will tell you (all of these things were banned in ancient Rome, and something we should be teaching our kids.

The fact is that if the Occupy movement goes even half way to causing the social justice that the people want the economic and political systems will change in a way that will still be in textbooks in a milennia. The NEA should petition to inform people of how important it is, especially since the news corporations (who are themselves large companies with things to lose) are imposing this media blackout on it all!

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@Nullo Here’s Wisconsin and Indiana . There have been huge protests over this. It’s why Governor Walker in Wisconsin is facing a recall.

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The Teachers Union here in Wisconsin scheduled to be at the sit-in at our capitol here in Wis.

The NEA can get involved with the OM by being supportive and offering ideas like marches to their members.

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@gorillapaws @zenvelo Ah, yellow journalism. I wasn’t sure what exactly you were referring to. Thanks for the clarification.

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@Nullo are you disputing the veracity of any particular factual statements in the article?

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@gorillapaws Of course he isn’t. He just wants to be able to engage in ad hominem attacks without holding himself to the same standard of evidence he demands of you.

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@Nullo You are aware of the Wisconsin State Capitol sit-ins last year? The Governor and the Republicans in the State Senate were trying to pass a bill to end collective bargaining with state employee unions? That was well covered, even on FOX news.

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