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Your thoughts on sloths (the animals. Not your Uncle who still lives in his parent's basement)

Asked by Jude (32131points) February 3rd, 2012

I adore these creatures and find them utterly fascinating.

Here, slothy, slothy.

A big boy.

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I love them too. Just don’t be misled by how slow they move and get too close to one. They’re incredibly strong. If they get their claws on you you’re screwed.

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They’re pretty cool peeps.

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I’m pro-sloth (the animal, not the creepy uncle). I wish they had a cuter name, though—I guess “koala” was already taken. Smurly has a nice ring to it.

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I wonder if sloths see us as terribly flitty creatures. And I suppose we must seem kind of sloth-like to souped-up creatures like squirrels or houseflies

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The sloths were one of the highlights of my trip to Costa Rica (the two-toed and the three-toed species).

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@syz Can you tell us more about your experience in Costa Rica?

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Don’t even get me started, seriously. The Kristen Bell sloth meltdown video is my sloth obsession in a nut shell, it is literally my life dream to have a sloth use me as its personally tree to hang off of. I love them SO MUCH. They are sooooo cute and they live the most god damn leisurely life ever. I didn’t want to ever admit this, but since there is a thread on sloths, I will. For a lengthy period of time (read: our entire relationship) my ex and I when we were snuggling used to pretend we were sloths and cling on to each other with three fingers. Ok I said it. So yeah, I like sloths.

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They make me happy.

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Nothing other than they are very cute.

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Sloths are great!
@picante – The original British pronunciation of sloth sounds better to me.

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Watched the videos. Seeing Ellen interview Kristen Bell is wild. Ellen is masterful!

I am fascinated by this. What is it about sloths that seems to be so appealing to some women. Do men respond so powerfully? Is this part of the baby-making urge? What’s going on here?

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I want nothing more than to hang out with a sloth lol

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@wundayatta I think guys like em just as much but are a bit more hesitant to scream, cry, and profess their love for them.

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It’s that face! They look as though they need to be cuddled.

And, the creature itself is fascinating.

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@wundayatta I think there’s a lot going on here. One, they move so slowly and so awkwardly, they seem completely non-threatening. The babies appear utterly helpless. And they seem fascinatingly alien. Yet at the same time, they almost have some human traits – the smiling face, the Donald Trump hair, the evident enjoyment of kicking back and relaxing.

@Jude I’ll send you a pm about my Costa Rica trip when I have a little more time.

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I worry about them. They have predators and if spotted on the ground, no chance they could get back up a tree in time. Sloth sounds derogatory. Maybe Slomos is better? Lol.

And they’re super cute!

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They’re crazy.

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Famed naturalist and documentary maker David Attenborough was quoted recently in Newsweek when asked what he’d like to come back as if he were reincarnated. He replied that being a sloth, hanging from a tree chewing leaves, sounded pretty good to him!

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They remind me of Sid from Ice Age.

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@MilkyWay Better click on the link at my post then. : )

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@mazingerz88 Your link didn’t work for me.

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@Jude Hmm, let me try this again. : )

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I always think of this.

and i fucking love it.

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@blondesjon LOL!

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They’re one of the cutest fuzzy wuzzy creatures on earth, with just the sweetest faces : )

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@mazingerz88 Great minds think alike :)

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