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When's the best time of year to buy a decent snowboard at a good price?

Asked by cadetjoecool (218points) February 3rd, 2012 from iPhone

I don’t have a whole lot of cash, but I was thinking maybe right about now would be a good time to buy because of end of the year sales or something.

A little background:
This was my first year snowboarding and I’d love to not have to use rentals next year, because they were as my instructor described them “dead”. lol

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For new:
The best time of year that I have found is the end of the season. The retailers are flushing their inventory for next years stock and models.
You can also find great deals and sales pre-season around Columbus Day weekend. Many retailers use this Columbus Day weekend in the US for marketing sales for the season.
For used:
Many retails will deal with used products as well. Surfing craigslist can also be a good place to look
Hope that helps.

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Check out They run lots of promotions, especially end-of-season.

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end of the season or beginning of the season a lot of ski shops have ski and snowboard swaps.

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