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How do you deal with a friend who invites you to Tupperware parties?

Asked by JaneraSolomon (1155points) February 3rd, 2012

You get an invitation from a formerly good friend whom you haven’t heard from in a while, to a party. You go and it turns out the sole purpose of the party is to sell you Tupperware or underwear, or whatever. Assuming your life doesn’t revolve around your desperate need for more Tupperware, what would you do?

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Tell her thanks, but I can’t make it to the next one (and the one after that).

She’ll get the idea eventually.

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I treat it like an invitation that had a twist I didn’t expect. If I don’t want the products I don’t buy the products. Next time, I ask if it’s that kind of event. Maybe it’s a neutral way for the former friend to re-open the door.

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As with any invitation, you may either accept or decline.

I tend to enjoy home sales parties, particularly Pampered Chef. The door prizes rock.

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If you are asking what to do once you arrive and find out it is a Tupperware party, then I’d stay, enjoy the snacks and door prizes, but don’t order anything if you don’t want to just because you feel obligated. I’ve done that and been really mad at myself for caving in.
If you are asking what to do in the future if invited to a party, my first question would be “What kind of party is this?” Then I decline by saying, “I don’t attend those parties anymore, I have so much Tupperware or panties, or whatever that I can’t even close my drawers.” At that point, I usually get the whiny “but you don’t have to buy anything, just come”. That’s when a firm “No thanks” comes in to play. It should leave no room for further discussion.

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‘I’m sorry I don’t attend those kinds of parties, but I’d love to chat and catch up some other time. Are you available for lunch next Thursday?”

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Yep, what @LuckyGuy said!

I just had a friend ask me about attending a Superbowl party and I just said, ” Not my thing, I’m not a football fan, the only part of the Superbowl I like are the commercials.” haha

I have never liked Tupperware or kitchen gadget parties. I did attend a Pleasure party for sex toys once, that was lots of fun! ;-)

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Dear Friend.

You are hereby formally invited to attend Poisonedantidote’s special knife and hole party out in the woods tonight.

Dress code: funeral black

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I would be annoyed if I attended a party that I thought was just a party party and then found out once I arrived that it was to sell me something. I would think it should say on the invitation “You are invited to a Tupperware party.”

People that are into Tupperware swear by it, the quality, the design, etc. I find it to be very expensive, and I would not be interested in it. I do like parties though, so depending on who, when, where, I might just attend if I felt like it.

I would be leery (cynical me) of someone that I had not heard from in a while inviting me to a party to sell me something, without any prior contact/chitchat/emails. I’d be thinking “well, well, isn’t this convenient!”

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I cross them off my friend list. Clearly they don’t know the first thing about me.

I have a former (sort of) friend who started doing things like this. I think she sells magnets and herbs and other homeopathic and natural remedies or something. At one point she asked if I wanted off her list and I said yes. We run into each other occasionally at a dance, but I try not to have to talk to her if I can avoid it. She is s surprisingly non-introspective person for all that she seems to be willing to share anything about herself.

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Is this in the social? Oh yeah. Well, you could tell her you would attend her Tupperware party if she’ll come to your S/M party first. : )

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I’ve been invited to many of these parties and I usually go but with the caveat to the hostess that I’ll only buy things if I really need them. I usually walk out with nothing.

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A friend from high school sent me an invite. I checked off “decline”. Easy as that.

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It’s obvious that she is leaning on your past friendship, in order to get into your pocketbook.

If you truly feel this is happening, then todays answer is “no thanks”.

If she gets the hint, she will ask you to come as a friend, and “you do not have to buy anything, just come so we can be friends, once again”.

This should tell you which decision to make.

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I tell them to stick their Tupperware where the sun don’t shine.

No, but seriously, I do.

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Wow, you guys really get upset by the idea of Tupperware parties, huh. The gun is never loaded.

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@JilltheTooth For the record, I love Tupperwares. My mom used to hold parties when I was younger and I remember thinking why sell any of them, why not just keep them all in the house-? : )

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You mean she invited you to what appeared to be a regular party and you only found out it was a Tupperware party when you arrived? Wow! I have never heard of such a thing! Not only did she lean on your friendship in hopes of selling more stuff, she was sneaky about it. I would have to consider if this is the type of friend.

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@JilltheTooth I have a separate gun for Tupperware parties.

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I love those parties. They nearly always give somethings away. I love free things.

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@Supacase Yeah, that friend was sneaky if not downright plastic! Ooooohhh….heh heh

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Hang out and enjoy the snacks. You don’t have to buy anything, especially if you’re blindsided with it.

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I wouldn’t mind if they sold me an actual, magic lamp with a genie inside. Otherwise I’d be like, dude, do you not remember when we played King Arthur on the frozen river?? I feel so CHEATED.

The king without a sword, the land without a king, and me without any wishes! Damnit.

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@JaneraSolomon: did that actually happen or was it hypothetical? If it did happen, I am wondering how you handled it.

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@jca, something similar happened to me but with a less well known product, “Isagenix.” A couple old friends reestablished contact and we went out to lunch and (sucker!) I paid, and since then they seem only to want to sell me their products which as far as I can tell are colon cleansers and such. Anyway, I dealt with it by cutting off contact with them after they wouldn’t take no for an answer.

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@JaneraSolomon: They wouldn’t take no for an answer, so does that mean you bought, or did you stick to your guns?

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I didn’t buy anything from them but I got really tired of them asking, sending testimonials, trying to get me to watch videos, etc.

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Smack him in the face.

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