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Can you have multiple e-mail accounts in the Mail App on a Mac?

Asked by swimmindude2496 (322points) May 21st, 2008

Can you have multiple e-mail accounts in the Mail App on a Mac?

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by adding accounts in the preferences

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In the preferences, you have an option to add accounts. So you set up all the accounts you have.

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I mean how can I check theat different times? Do I switch over? If I do how?

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no, it’s all in one screen, you can select with wich account you want to send your mail etc, friend of mine, has his own studio etc. has like 4/5 accounts, keeps em sepperated with rules and color labels

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I can’t link from the iPhone, but dont you think the mac help forums would be better for all of these mac questions?

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@iwamoto I know you get to choose which email to send it from but I mean hiw to check them. Are they mixed in or somehow seperated

@Eambos Yes, Yes it would

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Yup. swimmingdude, you really should spend more time browsing

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Not to be mwan but I think I was just told that.

Again no offense

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I know – just wanted to provide the link… know, just in case.

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Ok I took that as a insult. But nevermind

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so if you add them both, they show up as two inboxs on the left, named as whatever you call them. If you want to look at one or the other just click on them, and as you already said you can choose which one to send from, and even more, which one to send through.

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@swimmindude. You might want to update your profile. ; )

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Do you even have a Mac in front of you yet?

Getting a bit bored of your easy-as-pie mac questions when you haven’t even bought it yet, and your profile claims you to be some kind of Apple genius.

Have you met Google ? It’s your friend. 90% of the questions you ask can be answered without bothering the nice people of Fluther.

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again took that as an insult and am planning to get it next month fyi.

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well, then start asking questions next month, when you do get to work on it, this is like asking questions of the kind:
“how do i set up the GPS on my 2nd model iphone” ... pointless

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sure (just not the best comparison)

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I agree. Get the mac first. Most of your questions will be answered as soon as you get it. You already said you plan on getting it next month, so it’s unlikely that if we were to answer “no you can’t do that” you would choose to not get it. You already made the plans. And another thing: any question you can ask about “can you ______ on a mac?”... The answer is ”YES

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Of course you can have multiple email accounts in Apple Mail. It is quite simple. Once you get your mac and open Mail for the first time it will walk you through the steps to easily set up the first account. Once you have done that it will ask you if you would like to set up another account and you will go through the steps over again. You can have many email account. I am not sure if there is a maximum number of accounts but I have 5 set up and they all work perfectly fine.

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Wow. This is entertaining.

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