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What to get him for anniversary +Valentine day?

Asked by Prettyjay28 (65points) February 3rd, 2012 from iPhone

Ok so my fiancé and I are both 18 and I am wondering what should I get him for our 8 year anniversary and Valentine day which is coming up!
Its extremely hard because I dont know what a guy would want and I feel like he has everything. He keeps telling me I don’t have to get him anything because I’m his greatest gift but I want to surprise him anyway.
Any suggestions?

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Time spent together is the best gift my husband & I give to one another.

Since you’re celebrating your love, why not plan to do something you both love to do.

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@Prettyjay28 How about a gift certificate for a nice dinner, just the two of you. Start a nice tradition. That would touch me a lot.
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