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If you could change one thing about yourself permanently, what would it be?

Asked by Male (1353points) February 3rd, 2012

Whether for better or for worse, you have the power to change one thing about yourself physically, mentally, or spiritually. Be it a trait, characteristic, physical aspect, habit, personality, mental, emotional, or even a regret… (approaching your past crush rather than missing the chance?)

What would you change, and how would it affect your life?

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I would get rid of certain moles I hate. One down, more to go.

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I would give myself better physical balance. I’m tired of bumping into things, Permanent good balance would be a good thing. I could run down stairs instead of walking. I wouldn’t knock things off the table. I would be able to go back to dancing.

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@AnonymousGirl You can get rid of all of them. =]

@Sunny2 Hmm….is it a physical condition or just poor balance in general?

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I wish I was taller, so I could get more women.

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Oh, this is SO EASY! I’d change my metabolism so I didn’t have to run 3 miles a day and live on a diet that would starve a rabbit to maintain a nice bod. If a genie popped out of a magic lamp today, forget fame and fortune, just let me fucking EAT without gaining weight! lol

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I would get rid of my asthma. Then i could exercise without wheezing after fifteen minutes.

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I would have my penis shortened.

i’m tired of getting it stuck in my shoe.

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I would be 39.

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I’d be taller so I could reach stuff.

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I’m 5’ 6” and it drives me crazy. I’d increase my height to 6’ 0”, preferably.

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I’d change my DNA so that I would stop aging.

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I would have two dicks. Yep. I know to read this it just does not sound all that classy but just imagine…Two penises.

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@judochop . . . You are aware that two dicks is kinda gay, you know, ‘cuz they’re touching each other.

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Get rid of emotions, they’re really starting to get on my bad side.

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You Vulcan, you ^

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@Blondesjon I never said I was straight. :)

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I would like to be able to manage my weight more easily. Constant battle. A fast metabolism would be so good.

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I wish I cold be humble more often, I still get a lttle huffy with an air about me and that bothers me so much. I am working n this.

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I like myself the way I am. :)
But if I had to pick something, I would make me hair a lot longer. Hah. But I’m working on it!

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It would be nice to rid myself of this crushing ignorance I’ve got. That’s life as a human, though, so maybe I’d go for @Coloma‘s metabolism cure. Sounds pretty sweet.

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My expectations. Realising my anticipation is always better than the event, I don’t think is supposed to be a good thing.

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I would like a set of balls (metaphorically). Total wuss when it comes to confrontations and speaking in front of others.

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Get rid of a negative mindset that has kept me behind in almost every field of life.

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@judochop . . . i know. i’ve just always wanted to use that line . . .

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My temper. It’s gotten better as I’ve pushed aside a lot of idealism I once held but I still feel I get irritated too quickly. Patience and a calm demeaner are assets in the workplace and I’ve made blunders there before that cost me dearly.

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Easy. I wouldn’t have Fibromyalgia. Living without constant pain would be sweet.

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Let’s see, I have a couple choices…
• no more diabetes
• longer fuse, less temper

Hmmm, I vote for longer fuse, less temper. I’d like to be more zen-like and calm. I’m way to passionate about way too many things. I definitely sweat the small stuff. It drives my wife and daughter insane. So, for their happiness, I choose this.

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I would change a past event and ‘undo’ my first kiss. It was horrible.

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^^ Second that.

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I would like better conversational skills. I’m not much of a talker, which is kind of a handicap for a female…can’t hide behind the persona of the “strong silent type” the way men often can.

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@lonelydragon Hey, __shy__ is a great persona, too.

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I would make myself immortal. But not at this age. Would have to go back to somewhere between 18 – 25 to get the full benefit.

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I want a great voice. Singing and speaking.
Heck, I’m not even sure I’m using mine to my full potential, but if there could be a quick fix, I’d like that instantaneously.

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I would be born healthy and intelligent and very good looking, to a very wealthy family with lots of friends. They would own a nice home on the shore in Santa Barbara, and my parents would be well educated, healthy, calm and loving and would pay for my ongoing education.

I’ll take it from there.

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It has to do with the tendency to procrastinate.

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Self-Discipline. That’s enough to bring any idea into fruition.

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I’m similar to @MadMadMax (great answer, by the way.)

Only for me, I would be born in 1996 as a completely healthy (endowed with both perfect balance and a perfect sense of musical pitch), well-adjusted genuinely beautiful girl with genius level intelligence to a similar family living in Cali’s Napa Valley.

That way, right now I’d be a college Freshman at Stanford, Yale, Harvard or MIT.

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I’d give myself a higher IQ. That is the first thing that comes to mind.

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I’d have tied to be a more loyal person to my (many) good girlfriends I had and lost, because I was a fickle, conceited twat. But in the words of Willie Nelson, there’s nothing I can do about it now.

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No more procrastination…...the time clock is ticking.
When I want to do something or it interest me I have no problems
tackling it. I decided to loose weight and challenged myself and
lost all my weight. Otherwise I wait until the last minute…..same
thing getting out of bed in the morning. Libras are the best at putting
things off.

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