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"And: More about this toxic cloud [an image of it is shown] and the direction it is traveling, in our news broadcast, tonight at 10 PM". [Info inside].

Asked by rebbel (31549points) February 3rd, 2012

Not with toxic clouds obviously it happens, but I see it every now and then; the news anchor reporting a subject that will be featured in a later to be aired broadcast of the news.
Cliffhangers in the news; Can you make up some funny subjects, suitable for a news-cliffhanger?!

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This extremely common household product can kill you.

But first, here’s Dick Richardson with a heartwarming story about a skydiving squirrel with no legs.

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This 747 just crashed into the capital of New Hampshire. But first, let’s take a look at who won the puppy bowl on Superbowl Sunday.

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard I would SO do that the other way around, lol! A skydiving squirrel with no legs? Now that I gotta see!! :)

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Find out how this man found gold in his butt. You won’t believe what happened! It can happen to you, too! FIIIND OUT HOWWWW.
But first, here’s 72 hours of boring sports news no one cares about!

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Religious leaders are claiming that the world will end at 9:59pm tonight, but will the prophecy come true? tune in tonight at 10 to find out!

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Tornado hits the White House. The President is missing!
But first a word from our sponsors, Pizzaburger, the all American meal in a box.

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Find out how this little kitten (full grown cat) made a thousand mile trek (in the back of a car) to find its owners! (cat had no choice, it was obviously stuck in the car).

And later..

Does this man have super powers? We’ll tell you what we found after this!

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A new study in to the human mind has sumbled on a perfect way to keep idiots waiting, tune in tonight at 10 to find out how!

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Are you afraid that you will be judged a bad parent if you don’t know how to answer this question? Watch our special report at 10.

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Live copter 3 with your daily infusion of traffic jams, mid-town shootings and city misery. NOW with quick mainline IV of that delicious slow fear drip you pathetic humans so crave.

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Kent Brockman has some good news teasers and transitions:

“Coming up next: can bees think? A new study shows that…no, they cannot.”

“Coming up: can yodeling cure cancer? Of course not.”

“And the elephant that couldn’t stop laughing was put to death.”

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Another Kent Brockman example:

“On the eleven o’clock news tonight: a certain kind of soft drink has been found to be lethal! We won’t tell you which one until after sports and the weather with funny Sonny Storm.”

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Sonny Storm…lol

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@rebbel You totally had me hooked with the subject line !
I was expecting to get a link to news of the disaster.

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”...which is why leading health experts recommend cutting fast food from our diet entirely.”

“Later on tonight: we review the latest and most talked about hunger busting treats in the new McFat&Slurp range. Stay tuned…”

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And now we join Bob Babble at the grand opening of the new McMarijuana drive through edibles bakery. “Hey Bob, how’s that brownie tasting?” ” Great Scott, supersize me!”

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Can watching TV give you cancer?
Stay tuned for our special report at 11:00pm.

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Scores of Alien ships have just touched down in every city of the U.S.! Find out whether or not they are here to annihilate us at 10, if anyone’s still here, right after the National Geographic special on the mating habits of the African Tsetse fly!

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Are you among the majority of Americans waiting for something to happen instead of doing something? You’ll want to watch our special report at 11 to find out why that is.

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