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What should I take if I feel like I am getting a cold, other than Vitamin C?

Asked by jca (35976points) February 3rd, 2012

I have been sneezing all day and I feel a little stuffy. I would like to prevent this from turning into a full blown cold, if I can. I took two 500 mgs of Vitamin C just now (1000 mgs total). What else can I take (cold medicine, etc.) that might help prevent this from getting worse?

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I would say plenty of water? Hydration will keep your body working as well as it can.
If you’re getting congested, a descongestant, so you don’t get a sinus infection…

And, at least it seems to help me when I’m getting sick, light excercise: not for exhaustion, but to get the blood moving. I don’t know if this actually helps, though.

Hope you feel better soon

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Chicken noodle soup, of course. =]

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Try ColdEZE or a similar product.

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Thera Flu.

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Sadly, vitamin C won’t work, but they sure are tasty!

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Lots of water, chicken soup, chicken soup with lots of garlic, garlic soup…

And I’m not a big fan of pills & potions, but sometimes I do enjoy bubbly Alka Seltzer for Colds or even better (I’m a cheapskate) the Walgreens equivalent.

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When I feel a cold starting, I take half a dose of Nyquil and hit the sheets early. I don’t know if it gives me the rest I need to fight it off but when I do this I rarely will get sick.

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I bet your poop’n. I know I do with too much C, hopefully you know to not take ascorbic c unless you want to sit a lot or support your local -Ester C is the way
Zinc, quality, not from Wally (or China), helps,

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Zinc, and Zicam. Get the Zicam the rapid melts in your mouth. One very three hours, along with zinc twice a day. And have some tea and honey a couple times each day.

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A hot steamy shower, quite a long one. Try pounding your sinus area with one of those pulsing jets if your shower has one, it loosens the sinuses and lets you breathe. Better yet, sniff up salt water as part of this. I haven’t had a cold or flu for more than a day in many years with this treatment. Other cold remedies may help the symptoms but seldom reduce the duration like this.

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Zinc lozenges.

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