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What color would look good with my hair?

Asked by spittingamethyst (246points) February 3rd, 2012

I have a dark cool shade of red. I really want to dip dye my hair. I’m thinking of a dark magenta or a bright red or using a semi permanent black. But I’m not sure. Suggestions?

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Depends on your haircut, and your skin tone.
Do you have a picture of yourself you can post a link to?

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^ hopefully the link works

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The link doesn’t but based on what you said the magenta or a really deep midnight blue would be good.

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I think it depends more on your skintone. Have you ever had your colors done and know what season you are?

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I have a cool skin tone. It’s fairly light, I do tan though.

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I am fair skinned and am an Autumn. I color my hair a dark Auburn. Cool colors wash be out and warmer color compliment my completion making it creamy.

I use to suntan and fake bake when I was younger. A few years ago, I had a chunk of skin removed that left a 2½” in scar across my shoulder blade due to Melanoma. I now use tanning lotions that work wonderfully without the risks. UV rays are hell on fair skin. ~just saying : )

Also, I did not tan that regularly and never went for the Coppertone look.

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What are you trying to do? Do you want it to pop, are you loud? Or are you subtle. Feeling hot? If your shade of hair is red, you could go with more red, or orange or yellow, this is analogous matching and will give the sensation of heat.
The contrast of red is green, if you really want to pop the hair color wear green. If you want to go the mysterious route, turn the other way on the color wheel and instead of going the hot route, (orange, yellow, etc) go the blue, and purple route.

Also monochromatic dresses never fail to say priceless and classy.

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I hear gray is all the rage now.

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The link didn’t work.
Right click, select “Copy Image URL” and do it that way. That should work. :)

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