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How do i get my hands on a free/cheap shipping truck?

Asked by nomtastic (974points) May 21st, 2008

i have heard of deals where someone needs a truck/van moved across the country and they’ll pay you (or pay the gas) to drive it across. i need to move my life from sf to nyc this august and i’m looking for just such an arrangement. anyone know where to find it?

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My ex-gf’s dad was a trucker or something and did that as a retirement gig for the State of New Mexico. He’d fly out to wherever, pick up the vehicle and drive it back home. But these generally were real trucks requiring a trucking license.

I can’t imagine what the odds would be of a company needing a moving truck moved from SF to NYC, but maybe contact a NY state or municipal motor pool or find some trucker or courier discussion boards and float the idea around. Perhaps there’s someone in the bay area making the same move and could be found through craigslist.

Not the greatest answers, I know.

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I think your better bet is going to be to either share a truck with someone (and split the driving), or do all the driving (and still split the contents of the truck) in exchange for the truck + gas to get you across the country.

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I’m not sure this would work, but it’s certainly worth a shot. Call Cruise America and ask them if they have a “fun mover” that needs to go back to New York. That is a motor home with extra space in the back for moving things, etc. Sometimes these companies pay people to get their one way rentals back to where they came from. I tried to rent one once, and they said that the nearest one was in California, and I would have to wait until they hired a driver to bring it back east. If it works out, not only would you have a way to move your stuff, but you wouldn’t have to pay for a motel when you get tired. I moved from Florida to New Jersey in a smaller unit, and it made the trip a lot of fun! To rent one would cost you a little over a grand, plus gas. Good luck!

Oh, PS, if that doesn’t work, check with the car rental companies. They hire drivers to return vehicles too. You might find a truck or van from them.

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