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Can you microwave hamburger mince?

Asked by trailsillustrated (16347points) February 3rd, 2012

So I can’t really use the kitchen where I am staying and wondered can you microwave hamburger mince? It’s the super low fat kind I am starting a diet.

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I wouldn’t recommend it. You won’t get the same texture, at all. It’ll be soft and fall apart.

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The worst that can happen is you don’t like as well as skillet-browned beef.

For all its Hamburger Helper recipes, Betty Crocker starts with, “Crumble ground beef into 2-quart microwavable casserole dish. Microwave uncovered on high 3 to 5 minutes, breaking up beef after 3 minutes, until brown; drain. ”

Plus, like most skills, if you try it a few times you will find out how to fine-tune the process.

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You could, but why would you want to? Do yourself a favor, even without a kitchen, you could get a little appliance such as a George Foreman grill (about $16) or a GE toaster oven that would be much more suitable and produce far better results.

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it has a strange texture and dry in the microwave.

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Is there any way they would allow a hotplate in the kitchen area for you to use? I am not crazy about microwaved meat. It would cook, but like the other’s have said, it would just be a grey cooked, rubbery mess.

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Yes, although it comes out kind of gray and unappetizing looking. Also it affects the texture in a negative way.

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Use the shortest time possible, I recommend starting with 30 seconds.

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@cazzie no I am not supposed to even plug my hair iron in there. Its crowded with all my boxes, (I am waiting to go home) so I am thinking if I just run in and quick microwave my mince and wash my dish no one will notice. I’ll just do it when no ones here on the stove microwave sounds gross. Thanks again, all

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I cook ground beef in the microwave all the time. The taste, texture and appearance are all fine – unless you want some of the charring you can get from frying. I was highly skeptical but found it worked just fine. Plus I didn’t splatter grease on my clothes and the kitchen doen’t have that smell. Still, I only do this when the meat is one component of a larger dish, not a stand-alone. I’ve only done it in one particular dish – I don’t know if that makes a difference.

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Pan fried burgers rock.

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