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What goodies do you think the next gen iPhone will have come June 9th?

Asked by alabare (282points) May 21st, 2008

For those playing at home, I’m sure you’re aware of the most likely additions…but what about the not so obvious?

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What additions do you speak of?

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New look and 3G!

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@bulbatron 3G is probably the most obvious. But things like native GPS might not be so obvious.

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isnt it just the sdk from febuary? i dont think a new gen is coming out. there have been rumours about 3g tho, so maybe a new gen, but no one knows. didnt the sdk in febuary just turn out to be a beta release, and they were releasing the full thing in june, with all the 3rd party apps and stuff.

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SDK for sure as I understand it but most analysts are predicting hardware modifications including a bump to the space from 16 to 32.

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I agree with the bassist! I have heard nothing, or read nothing about a new generation iPhone!

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how about 3D for the 3G

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I hope they have games you can buy for my iPod touch because I don’t have wifi all over

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@Ceskate; the sdk updates is for itouch and iphone alike; the question is, how much will some of these games cost, I know some will be free, but.. owell, we will see.

My question still stays though, what about everyone with the current gen iphone, do they get the shaft for having the older version and that’s that or what?

3G isn’t that great, but i’ve never had a phone that I actually need anything more than simple service and a few bars; they say 3G is faster, but what is it faster at? Edge is what is the internet networking for AT&T, what is the great advantage to 3G?

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What’s 3G and what’s SDK?

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The SDK is the Software Development Kit for creating native apps and submitting them to apple so they can be released to iPhones and iPod touches with the app store. I have no idea what 3G is though.

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Thanks theotherkid

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3G is 3rd generation; its cell phone service; its faster, i’ve no idea what’s “faster”, but… its just the latest and greatest of cell phone servicing around the world

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3G is broadband speeds on your phone.

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Oh, that’s exciting!
That is one of my only complaints about my iPhone – that the internet is sooooo slow!
If I read “broadband speeds on your phone” correctly, that means whoooppeeeee! Speed!

I really hope there will be some kind of upgrade for current iPhones, so that we early adopters will have access to 3G!

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@trustinglife, that is certainly not going to happen.

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3G HSDPA / HSUPA is said to be fast enough to support video conferencing-on the iPhone this would suggest the ability to video chat; the rumored 3G iPhone is purported to have a front-facing camera that will support video chat, basically making it a true mobile video phone!

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I’m really hoping for:

Larger capacities
New form factor (love my current, but new would be cool)
Better camera
Video recording
Message fowarding (txt and mms)
louder speaker

I can name more, but thats good enough.

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i can haz cut ‘n’ paste nao plz?

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A splash of color would be nice.

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So will I have to buy a new phone?

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80% sure there will be a new version of the iPhone announced at WWDC.

I reckon it’ll have at least 3G, native GPS (rather than triangulation), a better camera (video capable and better res).

The storage will probably boost to 16GB and 32GB respectivelt, with a slim possibility of 64GB,

Would love to see it gain disk mode (like a normal iPod) to use it as external storage. Probably won’t happen though.

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Crap! My husband won’t like that. I had to grovel just to get the 4G and it was on sell.

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@ tia29 ~ what does it matter if you’re happy with your current phone?

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yeah, Tia- don’t be too bummed. I just got the iPhone in January, and I can’t let myself get upset because there will always be new and interesting things coming out… Im satisfied! Although video chat sound so cool.

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free to all networks…
after their first leson they should know that lock iphone is wrong!

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If anyone wants a little more info on what the next version may bring you, check out this good article:

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the main reason that the iPhone is only on AT&T and isn’t in Canada or any other networks is because apple wants too much money from the companies, and no one wants to make a deal with them.

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