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Does anyone know if zinc supplements and or if E vitamins can deplete your body of vitamin D?

Asked by Pandora (32285points) February 4th, 2012

I’ve recently went to the doctor for what I thought was regular joint pain for exercising. It turned out that I have some arthritis and I am very low in vitamin D. So the doctor has put me on vitamin D supplements. I have to bring my levels up. I forgot to mention that I take zinc and vitamin E every other day, so I don’t know if that is what really caused it. I make sure not to take what is considered over the recommended amount. That and I do it only every other day, so I know I’m not over doing it. I like the out doors a lot so I was suprise to find out that my levels where low in D.
Anyhow, I was wondering if I could continue taking my zinc and E while taking vitamin D. I tried to look it up online but I’ve had no luck.

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Why do you need the zinc and E?

D3 usually does it for most people.

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Having zinc and vitamin e won’t bring production of vitamin d down. remember vitamin d’s function is to help keep in calcium in the bone. try and grab at least 10 minutes of sunshine a day for natural vitamin d.

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I was taking Zinc to help control my alergies and E for cholestrol.

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@auhsojsa That is why I was surprise about being low in vitamin D. Except for winter time, I love being outside in the sun. Actually its 20 minutes or mor depending on your skin and how far up north you live, and your arms, face and legs have to be exposed. I am not going out in short sleeve and shorts while its 40 or below outside. I’m small and freeze faster than my maltese. LOL
But come spring and summer and fall, I love being outside.
All I know is that my vitamin D was low enough for the doc to put me on 50,000 IU 1 day a week for 3 months.

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Take the zinc at night for best absoption @Pandora. As for the D3 & E, no problem taking those together in the AM.

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The research I have seen for E and zinc indicates that deficiency in either is rare in a healthy, well-nourished adult in first-world countries. And there are side-effects and counter indications that I, personally find scary.

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Neither one deplete Vitamin D. Many people in the Northern hemisphere are low in Vitamin D.

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@gailcalled Unfortunately it seems to run in my family. At least the arthritis. But so far it doesn’t look any other health issues may be the cause. My lab work came back excellent for everything else that might have indicated organ problems. So my doc, just thinks I am not getting enough sun or nutrients that help my body absorb vitamin D. I have cut back on dairy because of problems in digesting it.

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@Pandora: I am confused. What runs in your family? Zinc and E deficiency?

I have not heard of zinc and E for cholesterol problems.

Why not Omega-3 fish oil and MSM for the arthritis?

All of us in the northern climes have low D3.

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@gailcalled , The artthritis, so I wouldn’t be surprised if we have some problem with creating Vitamin D, especially since many with the problem live in Puerto Rico where it is said that vitamin D deficencies are extremely low because people close to the equator don’t have winters. And my aunts all grew up eating just about any vegetable you can think of. Although I will say they do not go out much being that they are very old and need help getting around. But all of them started with arthritis around 50 which is where I am now.

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Zinc supplementation can interfere with absorption of other things, in some way and should be paired with small amount of copper, it is a built in ratio (please do not go taking copper extra or in itself, either) @ least what reputable supplement suppliers such as “Jarrow Formulas” has said, in such findings printed right on their containers…taking JUST zinc alone is not reccomended…we got testing and advice from a health care practitioner specializing in such vitamin and mineral testing and reccomended certain supplementation specific to needs. Taking too much C without calcium was guarded against…I have been known to be A and Zinc deficient. Taking enough of safe upper limit was important to correct deficits but too much A can be toxic, so why I sought a following by appropriate party. A and Zinc, these have to do with production of enzymes for protein assimilation, so anyone with this deficit could be expected to potentially have an essential amino acid deficit, as well…it can impact hormone production as well as impact negatively the skin, both external and internal (organ linings). Ive also been D deficient. If you do not know what you are deficient, in, you cannot correct for it neccessarily and taking too much of a single nutrient alone can cause disruptions, in other nutrients, which as I pointed to earlier is like dominoes….can end up causing a cascade of other complications. Tell your doctor about all supplements you take. There is an excellent research compilation out under the heading of “recognizing celiac disease, signs, symptoms, associated disorders and complications” by cleo libonati, rn, bsn. In spite of title, it explores not only gluten intolerance or celiac., but has a comprehensive guide for adressing nutrient imbalances which is extremely useful and helpful…and if you are anemic in some nutrient, this could be a sign you could have leaky gut syndrome or a food intolerance (same difference really) and in that case, you can be hampered in ability to absorb nutrients and not ever neccessarily know it otherwise…so reccomend checking it out either way. If you ever wanted to be tested for that, there are guidelines, for being tested, it is tricky…And no, i dont work for jarrow nor for author…please be cautious with your health!

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Unable to edit above. I had included that lactose intolerance is a red flag for gluten intolerance, sensitivity. But it posted without it…

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The D is something the doctor has given me perscription for. I started to take zinc supplements but no more than the daily recommended amount and I only take it, every other day or sometimes I may wait an extra day. As for lactose intolerance I realize that it only seems to happen more with hormone and antibiotic feed milk and 2 percent and below. Since I’ve switched to regular organic cows milk, it is pretty well tolerated by my system. But I do take Silk almond more since I’ve kind of lost my taste for milk after being away from it for so long. I was taking zinc because my skin was getting thin and I found that zinc helped get it back to normal. I’m starting to get a lot of things slowly breaking down but I think it has to do with the fact that I am heading into menopause. My hormones are changing and causing some havoc with my skin, nails and I now my bones as well. I’m trying to avoid taking any kind of synthetic estrogens. I’ve read plenty on the subject and feel the hazards out weigh the benefits. I just believe that as the hormones change I need to find a healthy balance to help it get from point A to point B without causing any other side effects.

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Guys, Interesting discussion but very hard on the eyes without breaks. Remember the paragraph and honor it.

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