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I think I found an idea of the gift, but I need opinions.

Asked by Prettyjay28 (65points) February 4th, 2012 from iPhone

Ok so my fiancé And I are 18 and our 8 year anniversary is rapidly approaching and so is v-day.
I was kind of stuck at first because I didn’t want this gift to be like all the rest, I wanted something extraordinary and many people gave me the idea of a scrapbook.
I have many pictures such as the one from our 8th grade mini prom and senior prom, every ticket to all the movies we have been together movie and so much more. I also want to have a romantic sunset dinner on the beach, but what do you think would be more romantic, sunset or moonlit?

Anywho are these good ideas

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Sunset. Also much easier to eat with some light.

Great gift idea.

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I think your idea sounds grand! Sunset would probably be easier as far as logistics.

It would be nice if you can set up your camera to automatic to take a fabulous sunset photo of you guys together. If you turn the flash on, you can see your faces plus the sunset. If you turn the flash off, you will get a lovely silhouette of your faces with the sunset in the background.

Wherever you end up going, bring a long a little container to pick up some soil. Then you can have that as a keepsake. My brother and his wife have soil samples from all of the places they have vacationed. They have the soil in small glass vials like these

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I think the moonlight is much more romantic, but you got to have the cooperation of the moon and the clouds and the temperature.

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