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Can whooping be a sign of worm penetration to my dog's lungs?

Asked by Anatelostaxus (1428points) February 4th, 2012

I have reason to suspect that my dog has been exposed to the possibility of being infected with intestinal worms, due to an environment he was in for some time.
I gave him the pill. Seemed he actually got better. Put on some weight.
Just yesterday he started to have sudden whooping attacks, violent and at first long. A menacing snorting-like sound. His left eye rolled back into his socket every time he had these attacks.
Today as he ate he produced an odd snorting sound.
We suspected he had something caught in his throat, like a fragment of chicken bone which the cats ate. We always pay extremely close attention to the risk of him gobbling up something dangerous like this, in his playful moments out with the cats.
Therefore I doubt this is the case. Just considering it because I don’t want to believe that the worms he might’ve had actually have travelled to his lungs.
There are not vets around us where we live. Kilometres away. If you do believe that this whooping is a symptom of this latter problem, then please tell me everything you know as to what I should do.
The whooping attacks have calmed down today, though it seems he is still bothered slightly by an irritation in his throat, as I might interpret it. Also We think his eye might be ‘itching’ him a bit, as every so often he paws at it. also one of the cats went and sniffed it curiously. But I thought that was due to the tension produced by the attacks.

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Ah, forgot to mention, it’s snowing here, he’s not used to this climate, he was exposed to a slight draft in his sleeping area, which we remedied as well as we could. No major drafts now. I read it could be a case of bronchitis, but with this I would not like to condition your opinions. On the net I found anything and everything, but haven’t found out how to intervene.
I don’t want to find the information I need when it’s ‘late’.
Therefore.. this question.
cheers and thanks in advance for the help, mates.

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When you say you gave him “the pill”, are you talking about a dewormer, heartworm prevention, or what? Is this something you got from the veterinarian, or over the counter somewhere? What was it labeled to treat? It would be helpful if you’d tell us his breed, his age, etc.

It is possible for intestinal parasites to migrate to the lungs, but it’s unusual (and usually only associated with an immunocompromised condition). There are also lung flukes that can affect pets, but again, these are rare.

Different dewormers treat different parasites. If you don’t know what you’re treating, it’s a crap shoot, which is why it’s better to take your pet to the vet for a fecal flotation to look for specific species of parasites.

“Coughing” is a somewhat nonspecific symptom. It can indicate anything from an upper respiratory infection, a foreign body, to a collapsing trachea, to heart failure – he needs an exam. (Your description almost sounds more like a reverse sneeze than an actual cough.)

Suggesting possible “at home” treatments is likely to do more harm than good. Get him in to the veterinarian as soon as possible.

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Our chihuahua tends to get anxiety attacks when she get’s super happy and excited unexpectedly, she’s a tender spirit and get’s a similar wheezing experience where she has to focus down on breathing, is this the kind of, “whooping” you are talking about? Just curious for our dogs sake. Ty.

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@syz Dewormer. From the vet. Mix breed, male, 2 ½ yrs, first time in sub zero climate, I get the name of the medicinal is Pratel.
As @auhsojsa suggests, It might appear as if he were a bit in shack.. well at least that’s an option my wife and I were considering. The place is new to him. Other animals.. after a period in which I had to allow a friend to take care of him, He’s now face with the fact that my attention is distributed also to other beings. I don’t know if this may actually produce an effect as such, but so I tend to ‘fatherly’ interpret. Even though he was raised in a

context in which I also raised 7 other dogs, 5 of which puppies younger than he was.

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thank you both. very much.

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My husbands hound starting coughing after running around, after all I have read, I suspected heartworms, so off to the vet we went, tested positive so he was treated there for 3 days, after that the vet recommended we use Ivomec, we have several dogs, so we bought the 2 ounce bottle ($50 from vet, $27 feed store) It is broken down by weight of the animal, we dose them once a month and haven’t had a problem since.
intestinal parasites are usually treated several times, you need to kill the newly hatched, the directions should tell you how often, some are every week to 2 weeks to make sure you’ve killed them all. If your pup felt better after the one dose, why not treat him again? You really need directions about the medicine you gave, try calling the vet, telling them what you are giving, they may be able to help. But, if you don’t know what he has, you’re lost. Best to find out what he has picked up, you may need to treat an area that is infested.

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