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How do I legitimately renew my domain name?

Asked by serenityNOW (3636points) February 4th, 2012

My domain registration is about to expire, and I need to renew it. I’ve been getting all this “spam” from sketchy companies. I just forget the legit way to do this.

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Go back to the site where you purchased the domain. Also if you don’t do it right away, they can, “park” the name on their site and ask for a much higher price on the name. Good luck. God speed you.

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@auhsojsa – Hmm… I’m not sure where I registered it. I think it was Verio. Thanks, I’ll look that up. I think I might also email my current web host, They’re the bees-knees.
And, I will not post a link, even though I do get a little bonus if I refer people. I’m just not that kinda guy.

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@auhsojsa – Done, and done. Thanks! It was already set to renew – D’oh!

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@serenityNOW Haha, well it’s good a silent alarm flashed in your head.

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Just a word for the future. I would really suggest separating DNS from your hosting if you care about the uptime of your site.

I have been trying to get for ten minutes and it keeps timing out.

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@johnpowell – Not sure what that means?

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