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How are tigers near extinct?

Asked by auhsojsa (2516points) February 4th, 2012

What can we do to help this situation? Who are the major purchasers of poached tigers?

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Hunting and habitat destruction.

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Yes, habitat destruction, hunting/poaching and the asian markets that still believe in the magic potency of certain tiger and other wild animal parts that are entrenched in their cutures medicinal beliefs.

Many many species are extinct or on the verge. I am a big fan of the big cats, tragic to lose these guys, they are truly the most magnificent apex predators in the world.

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@Coloma That link has nothing to do with big cats, but it is a nice link. Correct me if I’m wrong!

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@auhsojsa Haha..I know..I pasted the wrong link, was trying to find the save the tigers foundation, but…if you google that you will find many great resources.

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@Coloma I found one here! No sweat. Tigers thanks for the effort :D

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@auhsojsa Yes, that’s what I was looking for. I was just reading somewhere recently that a few soldiers were killed by tigers in Vietnam during that war. That never crossed my mind, but makes sense considering that country is one of the habitats for , I think, the Indo-Chinese tiger. I live in mountain lion territory and just finished a book on Mtn. Lion attacks…I love cougars, have seen one up close once behind my barn some years ago at night, Thrilling and scary. :-)

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Habitat destruction and lack of protection.

I would suggest that the rest of the world should offer the nations which include tiger habitat, something valuable in exchange for them not destroying the habitat, something more valuable to them then whatever they get out of destroying the habitat, and that we withhold that unless they give the Tigers an abundant habitat that ensures their healthy survival.

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Yeah, habitat destruction, lack of protection, poaching.

It’s sad really, I remember when I did a report on tigers back in 1996–1998. Back then there was about 3,000 Bengal tigers alone. Now it’s just roughly 3,500 tigers. It is depressing to say the least.

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I saw a really great documentary on this on PBS. Here is the link and a short article explaining some of the reasons.

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How can we save them? Stop populating the world. Habitat encroachment is the death of all wild animals.

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@YARNLADY I guess at this rate, the zoo, will be the only source of wild animals :( Perhaps within the next 30 years.

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@auhsojsa Yes, you are correct.

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