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North American jellies, who will not be watching the Superbowl tomorrow?

Asked by Hawaii_Jake (30553points) February 4th, 2012

I won’t. I have a rehearsal for a play.

What about you?

Any particular reason?

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Me, I don’t watch football and will be working a double shift besides.

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probably not because a) I don’t like the teams playing, b) my little bro has a piano recital.

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Me because my husband has to go out of town on corporate business. He has to leave tomorrow. He is mad about that!

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Me, because I couldn’t care less about football.

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I’m with you @FutureMemory. It’s so brutal. I wish soccer would become the national American game.

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I don’t watch TV, really, and I also don’t care about football.

I’ve got painting homework, too, anyway.

Blackberry's avatar

I’m not a sports fan, but if I’m invited somewhere, I’ll go to drink some beers and hang with the bros. Lol.

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Me. I don’t watch sports, and we don’t have cable.

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I have no interest at all. I’ve never watched any football game on TV. All I really care about the Superbowl is that I’ve learned it’s a bad day to go shopping in a department store, where all the clerks are apt to be hanging out in the TV department instead of helping customers.

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The Puppy Bowl will be on for an overload of cute-itude while I do other stuff. I love the Puppy Bowl!

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I do not even watch real football. Would not even dream of watching that fake rugby.

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I won’t; not interested. I expect that my friends and I will be the only people in the Mexican restaurant all night.

JilltheTooth's avatar

@janbb : Although the demographic has changed a bit, it’s still predominantly men that watch the game, you may find a “ladie’s night” atmosphere at your dinner!

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Given that Downton Abbey is on tomorrow night, that’s where I’ll be. I was taken to the Orange bowl football game in the mid-1950’s and did cheer my high school team on (where I was, astonishingly, a baton twirler in a tasseled hat and white plastic boots).

That’s my history with football.

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@gailcalled : Pictures or it never happened. :-) ~

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@JilltheTooth Yeah, but a lot of women I know do go to Super Bowl parties. I have never been to one.

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I don’t own a TV, and would rather play video games and do homework than stream it.

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@Hawaii_Jake: You cannot possibly believe that I kept those pictures, can you? I was really awful. It was always cold and damp, and I kept either dropping the baton or breaking my nails while grabbing for it. It was clear, even then, that I should have been the researcher hanging out in the stacks at the library.

I also practiced in my room, over the dining room and kept dropping the damn thing which really irritated my father when he was having his evening meal. I finally was forbidden to fling the baton around anywhere inside our house.

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I will not not be watching it.

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I’m at the hotel for my delayed birthday weekend. Check out is around 1 pm tomorrow, and Hubby and I are going to tour some of the North County wineries.

Jude's avatar

I will be watching it.

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I have zero interest in Handegg. I’ll probably hang out at a book store or a record store.

SuperMouse's avatar

I will not be watching the Super Bowl because I have no interest in football whatsoever. I will probably be home most likely working around the house or doing nothing and liking loving it.

JilltheTooth's avatar

@SuperMouse : Nah, you’ll be here with me. I know how you roll!

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@Blondesjon I see what you did there.

We were supposed to go to a Super Bowl party at a friend’s house, but I think we’re staying home, instead. If I liked either team, I’d probably still watch, but I don’t… so I won’t.

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Not even remotely interested in football. I’m none too pleased about the twenty minute presentation that I have to put together for class Monday night, but I would rather be working on that than sitting on the couch and watching people tackle one another.

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Not interested in football. It may be a good time to go out to the movies, or rent a movie.

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I’ve been working on finding someone to do something with other than watching the game. Hopefully I don’t end up watching it just because no one is doing anything else.

@Dutchess_III I’m with you, I could do with more of the beautiful game.

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I am working tomorrow.

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Nope, not me. I’ll probably be sleeping or killing something in some video game or another. Anyways I don’t even have cable.

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@filmfann care to share?

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I will happily not be watching the Super Bowl. I will be at cheerleading practice all day.

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We will be watching—steaks are in the marinade. :)

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I’ll be checking in on it while I get tax information organized.

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Along with Jill the tooth, ill be watching the Puppy Bowl, switching over intermittently with playing catch-up on clearing stuff off a very full DVR.

I have zero interest in watching overpaid testosterone-jacked bruisers pummeling each other for the privilege of carrying a pigskin egg up and down a huge field for hours on end.

I used to sometimes try to catch the halftime show but its not exactly been anything to write home about lately. Besides, if there were any standout performances, they’ll be re-running them ad infinitum for days.

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That one goes in my image storage files. Thanks.


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What is the puppy bowl?

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@Dutchess_III : Animal Planet runs it at the same time as the Super Bowl. Over the top cute of puppies playing in a pen that looks like a football stadium, kitten and hamster half-time show.

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Is it worth watching?

Dutchess_III's avatar

LOL @ragingloli! SO have to find a way to put both pictures on my desk top for my husband!

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I have it on in the background as I do other stuff, it’s worth checking in on for a dose of “Awwww” during the evening. Straight through, it’s a little cloying, but…puppies. Only a monster doesn’t like puppies! :-)

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1) I don’t have cable
2) I have errands that can’t be done during the week
3) After seeing the Bears embarrass my home team when I was a kid, and Buckner screw up in the World Series, I stopped following sports.

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