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Is there a bluetooth device like this?

Asked by XOIIO (18325points) February 4th, 2012

Well, I have a couple bluetooth headsets for my iPod, and it’s great, except when I have to pull it out to see what song I’m listening too. Thinkgeek has a watch with bluetooth caller ID, and they had a bracelet like that too. I was wondering if there is a bluetooth wristband that would show the current song playing, both when it starts and with the press of a button.

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Something like this that would also display song names.

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Sounds to me like something that needs to be hacked. I don’t know of anything currently in existence that does this, but it seems like a simple matter of programming.

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@jerv That’s what I figured too. One problem is that most caller ID’s are built into headsets, and the device would be detected as such, at least the one I liked to is, and I’m not sure how I could hack it. If IOS supports it though, then maybe you could make an arduino device or something like that.

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That is where Linux and Android have an advantage since things are a bit more open. Still, I see no technical reason why you couldn’t spoof it in iOS.

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I know there is an existing protocol for it in iOS, because when I play my iphone through my car stereo via bluetooth the artist/song displays on the dashboard screen… don’t know of a watch-type device though.

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I’m thinking a way to do it might be that android watch, but I don’t have the money, hacking skills or interest to do that XD

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