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Would anyone not on a date tonight, sign in below?

Asked by john65pennington (29220points) February 4th, 2012

If you are not on a date tonight and Fluther is just about your closet friend, Question: would you please sign in and lets see who is telling the truth:

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Well, because I’m married with 3 kids, date night is pretty rare. We’ve yet to find a babysitter that can handle our kids. So I’m signing in.

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Seriously John? You want the people not on dates to check in and look sad and pathetic?

Chyna here.

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I quit dating 2 years ago. Too much work, and, I finally got really clear that I am not willing to give up one tiny bit of my space and freedom. Hey..I have plenty of friends and turbo jets in the hot tub. Men-O- pause is a good time. lol

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John, did you mean that about Fluther being my “closet” friend or was that a typo for “closest”? Either one works, both had me chuckling. I’m having a lot of fun here tonight, but then I don’t really do the “date” thing so much anymore…

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I had my date-day and evening earlier with my DH. I’m enjoying sitting at home with him now, talking back and forth between computers and Bluegrass music in the background.

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Married, no date. Happily home. :)

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@bkcunningham Oooh, I’m going to go for some bluegrass…Old and in the waaay. I hear Jerry singing. :-)

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Hanging out with my son.

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I mean Bluegrass music, @Coloma. Not some type of brownie mix. lol ; )

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@bkcunningham Me too, I’m talking about the the “Old and in the way” album with Jerry Garcia…look it up, great bluegrass tunes!

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Milo here; This is what I did on my last date night. Oddly, she has not returned my calls.

Gail here; My wildly exciting evening is about to end with my attempting to squirt Milo’s stool softener med. down his throat without him raking me from stem to stern.

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I am here, trying to give advice about soup. I have no idea what anyone else would be doing on a Saturday night LOL.

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-@Kardamom: The soup advice had better be directed my way. I have earned my treat.

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How loosely are we defining date? I have a read-aloud date with my husband later tonight. But it’s not a conventional date night by any stretch.

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@Jeruba To me, that counts as a real date.

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haha just noticed it says ‘closet friend’ haha – oh I can’t quit giggling

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I have a “date” with my ranch vet coming up…he’s hot when he’s injecting the west nile virus on the geese and horses. oooh baby…inject me. lol
I could probably seduce him, but then what? hahaha

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I’m with @augustlan on this. Happily married. But if I wasn’t , I don’t think anyone could tempt me to want to go out in cold rainy weather.

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I’m home with one of my daughters. I’m fine. We’ll play a game. She’ll get lost in something on the Internet. We’ll read. Finally, we’ll sleep.

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I gotta date tonight with a lovely jelly, later suckers!


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I didn’t have a date, but Fluther isn’t my closest friend. Still, I’ll sign in; ’‘draws a skull with a knife through it on the page’’

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Was at a friend’s house watching “Hammer.” Not a date at all-

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Moll here. I’m home with my sweetheart.

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I watched “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” with the company I’m most at ease with, myself.

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@chyna, in that case I oughtn’t to be in this thread. We had a nice rendezvous with our current book.

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I did not go on a date tonight. I went to a friends birthday party, where I sat with another friend under a knock-off snuggy that was super soft and had a pattern of different dog breeds on it and observed the party and the college scene from afar. I thought that was pretty hilarious. I don’t go to house parties often and when I do, I’m reminded why I don’t. At least not house parties where everyone wants to listen to 50 cent rather than Hall and Oates or Earth Wind and Fire (yes that really happened, I couldn’t believe it either). Does that make me antisocial or just not an idiot? Im not really sure.

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I was at home all evening but by the time you posted this it was already the wee hours of the night and I was fast asleep.

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@MollyMcGuire Surely a night in with your sweetheart is a datenight? I stayed in with my mate and my boyfriend I would count that as a datenight with a 3rd wheel. You don’t have to go out to be on a “date” surely?

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JCA – single mother, was not on a date last night.

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Never goes on dates and could really really use a date, but was not, of course, on one last night, nor will I have a date on Valentines Day or next weekend which is Mother’s Day here. How did I miss this? Time difference, I think.

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No date for me last night, I was doing laundry then a hot shower and a good book.

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I have a date with the Super Bowl tonight!! Goo Giants!!

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Well, @bkcunningham : I live in New England and I say…go puppies!

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