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Please can you lovely people help me come up with some fun and novel ways of helping to raise money for charity?

Asked by bongo (4297points) February 5th, 2012

My friend Guy Joseph died on the 14th October 2011 aged 25 in a paragliding accident. He was a fantastic man, loved travelling and living life to the full. His family have set up a charity called Guy’s Trust They are raising money to build the ‘Guy Joseph Early Childhood Development Centre’ in the Kaski district in Nepal. They are working in conjunction in Action Aid and will serve 150 of Nepal’s poorest children up to the age of 7. They will also be funding an annual award for 2 Newcastle University undergraduates to volunteer for MantaWatch in Indonesia each summer.
I have given a little money however as I am a student I can not give much and so would like to organize some fundraising instead. I am going to try and get the SCUBA society at uni to do a sponsored snorkel across the bay where I live and possibly look into organising a night out at one of the local clubs with all proceeds going to Guy’s Trust.
But what I would like to know from you guys is: have you had any great fundraising experiences that have raised money and gained interest for your cause that you would care to share with me?

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The most useful thing I’ve learned in fundraising is, get the guys that work for corporations who match to donate (banks are huge in matching). Usually, they will donate a few hundred at a time and then the company will match it to double it.

It’s the quickest way!

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Benefits with good music can bring in some dollars. A silent auction.

People gift you nice stuff and the highest bidder (on paper in front of item) wins.

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Consider using one of the online non profit fundraising sites such as Crowdrise.

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