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How can a modded and removed answer still recieve a GA after being removed hours and hours ago?

Asked by Coloma (47105points) February 5th, 2012

I had an answer modded yesterday as “unhelpful” and today it is showing up as receiving a GA, yet is not visible in the original thread. How can a removed post be viewed and given a GA if it has been removed hours before?

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Suppose this question gets modded (or this answer) and someone is observing it and he/she does not go away (does not click back or home).
In three hours (when the mods have done their deed and sent it back for editing to you, or took it away) this observer comes back to his browser (where this question/page is still present) and he/she decides to give you a GQ or me a GA.
That will work.

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@rebbel Aaaah, I see. Well then, I guess this little mystery has been solved. :-)
GA. lol

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Those of us with fingers that move faster than the speed of light can dart in and pounce. The GA stays. I have had questions modded that i decided to trash. I still have gotten the lure.

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@gailcalled Haha..true, that. Lured by lurve. haha :-)

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Corret, Missy Sharp Eyes. That’s the trouble, of course, with fingers that move faster than the speed of light. They make mitaskes.

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@gailcalled , Yes, and when you add a fast and addled brain, mock dyslexia is my bain! lol

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If you recieve a GA for one of your answers you can go back to your lurve later and access the thread by clicking on your answer.

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@Adirondackwannabe Right, yes, I was just perplexed how a long gone answer could still be seen and given lurve. I think @rebbel explained it to this tech challenged brain of mine. :-)

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The mods can see and GA modded answers.

Response moderated
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@SavoirFaire Aww, I thought being a mod would give you a view of fluther with like, matrix code and cool green 3d stuff everywhere :(

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Being a Mod takes you to another dimension, maaaan.

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Well..I have enjoyed a lengthy stretch of not being modded, for months and months, now a couple in the past few days. So far no notification of impending suspension. Note: I AM paying attention again. haha

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@XOIIO That’s what the moderation view button is for.

Sorry, can’t show you what happens after I click it.

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i had a terrific answer that got modded in the great vitamin wars. I was sending the veggies flying back.
We all need some lurve.

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I’ve had a moderated answer get a GA several days after it was removed. I’d like that one explained. I was under the impression @bob_ was because of what happened to me.

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@bob_ and @jonsblond In the old days, a mod could still give it lurve after it was removed. During one of our system upgrades, that option was removed.

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