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Who are Downton Abbey fans here?

Asked by gailcalled (54443points) February 5th, 2012

Do you have conflicts with the Superbowl? Are the fan bases different? Will Mrs. Bates get her comeuppance? Did everyone have an 18” waist? What must it be like to have someone dress you?

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My partner is a fan. She has been watching it on Netflix. I asked her why she likes it and she said that it is “subtlety romantic”.

I need to start watching. I don’t know much about it. Is it like “Upstairs Downstairs”?

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<—- This jelly.

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@Jude yes – the best Masterpiece Theater in years, although that’s not saying much.

@gailcalled I would have thought you could ask Milo the last two questions. And no, I don’t have a conflict at all over which to watch.

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Me! Me! We record it, so no conflict here.

Isn’t being Mrs. Bates punishment enough? She’s so awful, and she has to live with herself.

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@nikipedia: Do you think that Julian Fellowes will take the easy way out and have her succumb to some morally righteous punishment? Or will he choose ambivalence and let her get away with Bates’ money and his chance for happiness with Anna?

@janbb: Milo here; My dressers constantly forget to warm their hands (Gail keeps the house bloody cold) so I am torn.

And the problem with my waistline is where, exactly, is it?

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I am! It’s great fun. Like “Upstairs, Downstairs,” but the times have changed and we see the contrast between Upstairs and Downton and how things are changing.

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I’m a fan (and I know what happens to Mrs Bates).

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Screw the Superbowl, it’s all about Downton over here.

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One of the few shows that I am currently following. I loathe Mrs. Bates (as the Bates-Anna romance is my favourite.) No love for the Super Bowl on my part, but I will watch Masterpiece Theater tonight. I’m thankful to have avoided spoilers so far. It’s more exciting this way.

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I love Bates and Anna and want them to be settled already.

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Count me in on this one. We started to watch the first series, but got distracted, so we are going to get all of them in order on Netflix (so for now I’m out of the loop).

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@Lightlyseared: Thanks for not sharing that info.

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/puts up her hand./

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Ok, I’m kind of confused – where has Bates’s limp and cane gone? Did that ailment get fixed between seasons? Did the writers forget about it?

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@Aethelflaed through the magic of television…

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@janbb Lol “TV – the panacea we’ve all been waiting for”.

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[mod says] Please don’t post spoilers without a (SPOILERS) warning. Thanks!

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Big fan here! I don’t have a superbowl to contend with here though

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@augustlan: I take it by you removing my post that you think I know something more about the episodes to come? You call that a spoiler? You all must more bored than I on Superbowl Sunday. Way to go.

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@Neizvestnaya It was flagged by multiple people as a spoiler. I don’t watch the show, so I have no clue if it actually is one. Better safe than sorry!

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@augustlan: Lame. Anyone who watches the show knows there are no spoilers. I should have put a tilde after my sentence but it also doesn’t take a rocket scientist- oh wait.~

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MEMEMEME I even got a uk proxy so I can watch Season 3

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What is a uk proxy? There are a few BBC shows I hate waiting for and if there’s a way to watch them sooner I need to know about it right away pleeeeeease!

SNL did a funny Downton Abbey commercial.

Just scroll passed the article fast to watch the video at the bottom because the article is stupid and gives away some of the funnier moments. We don’t have regular TV so I watch everything on Netflix or Hulu and now I am off to watch the latest Downton and cross my fingers that Mrs. Bates and the evil footman get trapped in a cave and one of them is forced to eat the other.

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@Sunnybunny I didn’t find the commercial funny. :)

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I enjoyed the first series but haven’t seen the whole of the second series yet. I am a big Maggie Smith fan.

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The writer, Julian Fellowes, openly acknowledges that he gave Dame Maggie the best, the juiciest, the smartest and the most upper-class remarks (the ones he wished he were allowed to say out loud).

To hear her pronounce judgment on the vulgar use of the term “week-end” is to learn about 100 years of British acting.

In one now-famous scene, she calls an important MInister of Something in order to get several private favors granted. After she gets the hang of the new invention…the telephone…she says to the important man, “Shrimpie? It’s your aunt Violet, dear.”

You could sharpen pencils on her high register.

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@zigmund: You always get it right, Harold. Thank-you (although the audio was a bit muffled…happily I have most of those lines memorized.)

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@Sunnybunny – A proxy, or proxy server, is a server in a different country from yours that you point your browser to (everyone’s browser is pointed at a proxy server, a DNS server, and a few other types of servers, that all work together to let you browse the internet, which are usually run by your ISP).

For example, many anti virus suites (such as Norton) will change your proxy server to their server to protect you from visiting malicious sites.

There are parameters deep in the bowels of your browser that let you change what servers you point to. But if you don’t know what you’re doing, be careful about changing them because you can royally eff up your computer.

So if you are, for example, in the USA, and you connect to a proxy server in, for example, the UK, every site you visit thinks you’re in the UK rather than the USA (or visa-versa). This is a common way for techie geeks to get around their country’s particular brand of censorship.

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I hope to be able to find it on Comcast On Demand. I watched the first set of episodes, but I missed the new ones.

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@YARNLADY If not, you can find it online at PBS.

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Just finished season 3. Oh god. I love Downton Abbey.

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Did anyone see the Christmas special?

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Yes….... tears and snot

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memememememe ohgod meeeeeeeee

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I kept hearing about this series, yet had never seen it but since I knew it had won so many awards, I went online to see what all the hoopla was about. If you’re a “Prime” subscriber at Amazon, you can watch Seasons 1 and 2 for free, which I did. I am now hooked! I happily paid to watch Season 3. I’ve got 4 episodes to go before I’m caught up – love this show! I find the characters much more likeable than those in “Upstairs, Downstairs”.

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