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What to do if my level of cleanliness is different from others?

Asked by YARNLADY (45784points) February 5th, 2012

In a small shared room, do I pick up after others, or just grit my teeth and leave it for the maid service? I hate walking on other people’s trash, soda cans, food wrappers, chip bags and even chips, and I resent that I’m the only one who picks up after myself.

I MUST avoid arguing at all costs.

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What happens when you ask people to help clean up after themselves?

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If I can’t sit with the mess, I clean it up.

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What maid service? Where are you?

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It’s your house right? If so, I would have a nice sit down chat with everybody and lay out the new rules and tell them that you have worked long and hard all of your life and you’re tired of it and you expect everyone to pull their own weight, then make a list and post it on the fridge, lest anyone forget what is expected of them. Anyone who complains can move out and dirty up their own homes. Or move in with friends and dirty up their homes.

Then starting tomorow, or whenever you want, get a cleaning schedule going. Say on Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays whomever is assigned, vaccums the whole common area. Maybe you can get a few more of those small trash receptacles to place throughout the house (make it easier for the trash to be put in the cans) and then on another schedule, whomever is assigned collects all of the trash from inside the house and puts it in the cans outside, and takes it to the curb on trash day. Just don’t put up with the whiners and complainers, tell them exactly what you want/need done.

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I’m still wondering what the whole situation is. If it’s YOUR house and it’s a permanent situation then to hell with the arguing and tell people to get up off their asses and clean up after themselves!

If it’s a motel room for a few days, suck it up and just let the cleaning service take care of it. Unless you feel like doing a bit yourself in between times. In which case, just do it and don’t be a martyr about it.

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I should have been more clear – I’m in a two bedroom motel room with a common living room/kitchen.

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Suck it up. Or clean up. And don’t say a word, and don’t make a face. Do it when no one is around, if possible.

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@YARNLADY LOL! Well in that case, I would still speak up immediately and say, “OK everybody, we have to share this area, so I beg of you to please put your trash in the receptacle, keep your dirty clothes in your drawers or suitcase, and please, please, please wash and put away your own dishes and keep the counters and kitchen area clean. We all have to share!”

stepping down off my neatfreak soapbox now

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But she’s concerned about causing an argument. She said, “I MUST avoid arguing at all costs.” Best way to avoid an argument yet get what you want is to quietly and unobtrusively do it yourself.

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If it’s a terribly tense situation, I would do as @Dutchess_III says. How long will you be stuck with them? Hopefully it won’t be for very long.

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It’s a bummer, though, when only one person is tense….I guess it would bug me too but…I think I could live through it.

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If you don’t want to spoil the weekend and the mess is only bothering you, you do the picking up.

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^^^^^^^ Exactly

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You’re preaching to the choir. My kids have been driving me crazy with leaving their crap where ever it lands.

I refuse to pick it up. But I’m getting close to gathering all their stuff up and putting it in the yard. grrr.

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OK, while everyone else slept in later than I did, I went to the free breakfast, and enjoyed a nice quiet meal, then went back and quietly picked up the worst part of it. I then got on my computer and ignored the rest.

Hubby and I packed our stuff while the others slept, so there wasn’t much left when the others woke up. After check out, they all went to our house for the game, while Hubby and I took an afternoon tour of some of the North County wineries, and spent way too much on a dozen or so bottles of very good wine. Who knew Placer County wine would be so good?

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@YARNLADY Sounds like you made lemonade from lemons. Good for you!

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