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Has anyone here ever gone to a cosplay? Who or what did you go as?

Asked by HungryGuy (16024points) February 5th, 2012

Cosplay, for those who don’t know, is “costume play” in which people dress up as movie or video game characters like Norman Jayden or Chell or Catherine/Katherine or Faith

So have you ever done it? Who did you go as? Did you make your own costume?

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I haven’t yet, but I’m fascinated by cosplay. As a lifelong comic book fan, I love seeing some of the well-done super hero cosplay. has some great photos.

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My daughter goes regularly, and once I went with her, dressed as Gojyo from Saiyuki. It was fun but I felt SOOOO old and out of place (although there was another bloke there about my age, dressed as Sailor Moon).

My costume comprised mostly of ordinary clothes (brown trousers, white t-shirt, blue shirt with the sleeves ripped off). The red wig was from a fancy-dress shop, I made the antennae out of florist’s wire and the weapon thing from a piece of plastic pipe, cardboard and lots of silver duct tape.

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I’ve always wanted to go as the engineer from TF2, hit everyone with my wrench and keep yelling “SPY SAPPING MAH SENTRY”

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@downtide – Do you have an actual photo? It’s cool to see the cosplayer and the character side-by-side in one photo.

@Michael_HuntingtonHere ya go…

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@HungryGuy I don’t have a photo but my daughter might have one.

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@downtide – I hope she lets you link to one online so we can see it :-)

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I only ever cosplayed once. I was Lain from Serial Experiments Lain, a really obscure costume of her’s from some little known Playstation game of the series. lol. I did that when I was 13 for the first convention I ever went to. I haven’t cosplayed since. My mom helped me make the costume, she did most of the sewing. It was when I was just learning how to sew at the time.

I’ve considered doing it again now that I actually know how to sew. I sew professionally and I sell all my sewn creations at anime conventions 10+ times a year so you’d think I’d be doing it more but I always end up feeling too burnt out on making cute hats to sell to ever get around to making a costume. Plus I’m very picky about the characters I’d want to do. I only ever have the desire to do it with characters I really connect with.

But I make cute cosplay-hats of cute animals and such. A lot of people buy them from me at conventions to feel like they fit in more around all the people in costumes. So that’s something I suppose. Its like casual cosplay. (:

I do really enjoy seeing all the work and creativity people put into their costumes though. It makes my work more fun and I always feel at home in a huge room full of kids in costumes and crazy outfits.

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@xnightflowerx – I never heard of Serial Experiments. Do you have a photo of Lain? I can see why you’d be too exhausted to participate and run a craft table at the same time. Perhaps you can alternate each cosplay you go to.

What type of game is Serial Experiments? If it’s an RPG or adventure type game? If so, I’d love to try it. I love finding obscure sleeper titles. I’m getting near the end of Heavy Rain (I think I know who the serial killer is) and will be needing a new game soon…

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I was always very fond of this picture of her
This was the costume I did
She also hung out in this snazzy bear suit alot.

Yes I cut my hair like that. haha. I had past the shoulder length hair at the time and hacked it all off at different lengths and had the little long side piece and all that. lol. Lain is a very dark psychological mind fuck of an anime dealing with fun things like life, sanity/insanity, questions of existence and god, what is reality, etc. It’s very good. Also has by far one of my favorite anime openings ever, that has been one of my favorite songs since. Its called “Duvet” by Boa. Check it out

The game was never released here. I doubt it was very good. Probably more of a ‘hey we have this show about basically the internet consuming your consciousness, let’s make a game of it!’ kinda thing.

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Yeah, I found it on or $290 as an import from Japan and it needs a modded system. But since I don’t read Japanese, it would be unplayable for me anyway. I see it’s based on a DVD series. Maybe I’ll get it… I haven’t watched an anime series on DVD since Trigun.

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Yeah, the game is definitely not worth that. Unless you’re some kind of collector or extreme Lain fan.

I highly recommend the show if you’re into pondering reality and existence and like to fill in the blanks with your own theories because shows like this don’t give you all the answers, they want you to think and dig into your own mind. And this is one of the gems of anime that does that. But if that’s not your cup of tea you would leave the show going WTF and be confused and dissatisfied.

But if you ever want some anime suggestions feel free to PM me. I have ten years of seeing and collecting information of all sorts of shows and movies. I could definitely recommend you something based on your interests.

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Well, I know that Lain won’t be anything like Trigun. But I miss the adventures of Vash, so I’d like to get inside another anime series one of these days. Also, I know it’s not anime, but Heavy Metal blew me away (the original, not the second one that sucked)...I still pull it out every now and again to watch it.

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Well since you’re into Trigun, you’ll probably want to pick up Trigun: Badlands Rumbles, new movie that came out recently!

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Yes. I went as Hunter from Left 4 Dead! Very easy costume! :D

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I have a list of people I want to cosplay as, because I never got around to it…
I want to cosplay as

Wario in his WarioWare outfit
Keisha, Ralphie, and Phoebe from The Magic School Bus
Chowder from Chowder
Sierra, Courtney from Total Drama World Tour

That’s about it :D

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@sydsydrox DUDE, Never even thought of Magic School Bus cosplay but that would be SO RAD! Do it!!!

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I will, either around Halloween or tell my friends to do it with me for m b-day party.
I really love the magic school bus. I wish it would come on TV again :)

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