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How much does your other half know about your internet usage?

Asked by ScurvyChamp (370points) February 6th, 2012

Do they know you come on Fluther? Are they aware you sesh minecraft for 18 hours every Saturday? Do you tweet about them sometimes, safe in the knowledge that they’ll never see it?

And if so… why? Do you enjoy a little bit of privacy, or are you perhaps a little bit ashamed?

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My girlfriend knows about almost all of my internet usage. I don’t have much to hide.

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My wife knows about almost all of my internet usage. I don’t have much to hide.

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100%. Sometimes that opens me up to bit of mockery, lol.

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My wife knows all of the sites I use. She’s the one who’s going to get us thrown in Gitmo, not me.

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She refers to this as Fluthering. She knows about almost all of what I do online.
I think there are some things that would upset her.

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She knows what I do. She does not watch over my shoulder. I doubt if she ever tries to read what I’ve written (that’s almost a full time job in itself). I speak about her, but everything I say is stuff she already knows. We’ve been through a lot in the last four years. A lot of what I say is stuff I learned in our therapy sessions. Of course, the only reason I can hash over these things here is because this world is separate from my real world.

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He pretty much knows it all. I kept Fluther a secret from him for a while but he knows about it now.

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No other half here, I am free to do whatever I want, just the way I like it. lol

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All of it. He knows. His I know.

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I don’t think that’s ever come up. It’s not like he knows or doesn’t know, he doesn’t care and neither do I.

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MIlo here; Gail know everything and actively encourages me, since I am far more original, provocative, clever and prosodically gifted than she.

(And since she leaves the computer in sleep mode, I can hop on…literally…and do what I like when I like.)

Psst. She is stil unaware of my unnumbered bank account in the Caymans, which is growing every day, should I feel the need to find a warmer home.)

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We actually just had “the porn talk” which resulted in crying and “So i’m not enough for you?!”

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I told him about Fluther and occasionally read answers or questions to him, but he’s computer ignorant. He’s only ever used it for word processing. However, I’ve never given him anything to worry about.

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I don’t hide any of my internet usage from him. I don’t talk about this site with him because then he might possibly (not very likely) check it out and I might not be as likely to be able to “vent” or bitch about him as I might occasionally do. And I like being anonymous here.

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My S/O Knows about everything I do on the internet, from FB, to Fluther to even hentai. :P

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I’m not really sure how much my S/O knows about my internet usage but it’s not a big concern of mine, to say the least. We’ve been separated for some time now so it’s probably a moot point more than anything else.

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My ex boyfriend knew about my internet usage. Answerbag and this place, for one. Ad for him, he was always playing War of Warcraft. We didn’t have much interest in one another’s Internet places, but we did spend huge insane amounts of time watching random stuff on Youtube together.

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He knows all about it. What would be the reason for hiding what I do on the internet?

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He knows everything, and even has LogMeIn, which allows him to access my computer either while I am on it or any other time he wants to.

Why would he? He is busy with his own work and has little to zero interest in mine.

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My husband knows all about my online activities. He trusts me. He is not worried or interested about my on-line activity.

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