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Can you help me stress-test my email server?

Asked by jrpowell (40504points) February 6th, 2012

I just got it running today and it took a long time (14+hours non-stop) and it broke other things that I am slowly fixing.

This is where I need help. Can you send a email or 10 to

I am just curious if this will handle a reasonable load. I want to check the server RAM and CPU usage.

And the account will be deleted in 12 hours. I want to test reasonable usage. Don’t bother signing me up for gay porn usegroups.

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I just sent you five from an account name nomorefloor.

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Mad props to whoever just let me know their brain works in awesome ways.

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I have just sent you ten nonsensical e-mails.

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And this is really useful data. I can see how the server reacts and if it is good maybe offer a “Doesn’t look at or care about your email and will delete if the feds knock on the door” service to friends.

Here is what I see.

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Oh man, it was totally worth it for your response!

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Server seems fine. But once people wake up I would love to what that does. It is still shower time on the east coast.

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You got one from the East cost.

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6 from east coast.

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I sent it from an account that often ends up in people’s spam folders. Look from something from a lover of a certain flower.

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Sent two, one of which carries this message….

Hammertime? : )

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This should be a reasonable example of maximum, I’m modelling a rate of about 60,000 per day. (don’t worry, only for a minute or so, i suppose you’re logging)

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seems ok from here. interested to see the logs.

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+10 emailcount from me.

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What mail server are you running?
There are plenty of stress test tools out there, but it would be helpful to understand what it is on the other side you are looking to stress.

Blat is an open source tool you can use.
Exchange Resourse kit has tools if it is an Exchange Server such as LoadSim

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I have several thousand scheduled for 2am.

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Sorry I missed this. I’ve been thinking about a script to send email regularly and this would have been a good fit.

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Using Postfix and dovecot on Ubuntu.

It is really slow to receive mail. But I can fix that it. I just want to get away from gmail.

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