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How to eat a Nature Valley crunchy granola bar without getting crumbs everywhere?

Asked by xBRIANx (242points) February 6th, 2012

I can handle eating the Quaker chewy granola bars just fine without making a complete mess at my desk, but these crunchy ones are impossible! Any advice?

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Form a cradle with a few paper towels. Like you would do with a taco when you’re wearing a white shirt. You can’t have that juice drippin all over yourself. Basically you need a net to catch the crumbs with. So just trap them in there. I think that will work. I’ll try it myself here in a few minutes. I honestly avoid eating them most times because they are soo messy.

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I like to wear a plastic bag over my head when I eat really crumby stuff.

People say I look better, too! ;-)

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Use a dog bowl. Place it underneath you chin and let your dog have the crumbs.

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I love those bars! I tried to eat on in the car while I was driving to work, big mistake. Now I only eat them standing outside, leaning slightly forward. By the way, those crumbs are really good sprinkled over vanilla icecream : )

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Guess you could always try one of these .

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Hahaha….aaah, thanks for the laughs. Well..maybe break it up into bite size pieces in a small bowl or cup or, hang your head out the window and share the crumbs with the little birdies. OR…you can buy one of those baby bibs that have the little hard plastic trough at the bottom. lol

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1. Break off a small section of one of them inside of the original packaging.
2. Then take it out and consume it.
3. Repeat.

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Crumble it up, place it in a bowl, pour some boiling water over it, add a little cream and fruit and eat with a spoon.

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@erichw1504 I tried your method multiple times, because I like those bars a lot, but even when I reached in to take the small section out of the package, it still dragged a bunch of crumbs out and they went all over my shirt and pants. : (

The only way to do it, is to stand and lean, but you must do it outside or else you’ll get crumbs on your floor.

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Eat them in your bath tub. Rinse away the crumbs. (Defeats the idea of crumbs on ice cream, I’m afraid.)

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LOL! You must put the bar in your mouth and let your saliva soak in a bit, and then slowly bite off a piece when it is soft enough with your lips, instead of your teeth. You must keep doing this until you finish.

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Similar to what @Aesthetic_Mess says, I put more of the bar into my mouth than I actually bite off, so the excess crumbs fall inside rather than outside.

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Swallow them whole.

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