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State of Texas - Sale of vehicle with lost title?

Asked by YoBob (12846points) February 6th, 2012

I am selling a vehicle to a neighbor and found that the title was not in the spot where I would usually keep such things.

I am wondering if I have to get a copy of the title re-issued in my name before I can transfer it or if I can just fill out one of those notification of vehicle sale forms and he can get the title re-issued in his name rather than having go through a two step title transfer process.

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Contact the Texas DMV and ask them.

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@WestRiverrat – Of course, however around these parts the DMV is about as helpful and responsive as a tortoise with hemorrhoids. I am hoping that a helpful jelly out there might have some experience in these matters.

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“If you have lost the title certificate to your vehicle, you must obtain a new one before you sell your car. Apply for a new title certificate at the County Tax Assessor-Collector’s Office.”

How to Sell a Cat in Texas

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Psst. Quick. You mean “car” and not “cat,” I assume?

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Yep, this happened to me in Texas. The original owner has to go to the tax office and get a new title. Proof of identity is required, but check with your local tax office to see what you need to do. You have to have the title for the actual sale, so you’ve gotta get a new one, but you can still actually go through the motions of selling the car in the mean time and even get a contract and price solidified if the buyer is so willing.

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@marinelife How did that link like that?

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OMG, I meant car not cat.

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@gailcalled That was really Milo that pounced on that typo, wasn’t it?

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@marinelife: He does hot hog center stage, doesn’t he?

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@gailcalled Well, he saw the word cat and was interested.

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Great. Just great. Now I gotta figure out if I need a clean title in hand if I want to sell my cat in Texas.

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@robmandu: Forget the title; that is handed down automatically from generation to generation in the feline line of royalty that I share my life with.

You need only a copy of Burke’s Peerage And Gentry

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