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Question for guys and gals. What do you look at first? (see inside)

Asked by john65pennington (29220points) February 6th, 2012

You are in a room. A good-looking guy or gal walks in.

Question: what is the very first item you scope out on this person?

And, please keep it clean(as possible).

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Their facial features, then the shape of their body.

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Behind and bust.
And I always have tissues handy.

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I would have to say the eyes, they are the windows to the sole… but a nice butt on a guy is really nice to look at and grab…. and I have scoped out the package but that is after all else has been scoped out

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Grooming in general. It tells you a lot about what the person thinks about him or herself.

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Face and then shoes! You can learn a lot about someone by [his] shoes.

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Face then ring finger.

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The date and time so I can recall it as I tell the tale to our future children.

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Face. Boobs. Tummy. Back. Butt. In that order.

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Their demeanor.

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Their smile and if it reaches their eyes.

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Whichever stands out the most with each of them. Varies individual to individual.

Sometimes you notice their eyes first. Sometimes they have ginormous tits that you can’t help but notice first.

No, I’m not attracted to girls in that way. But sometimes you can’t not notice them.

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Legs, sticks, gams, pins. Did I mention legs?

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First thing I notice how they enter the room and take in their surroundings.
Then it’s their height, eyes and smile.

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Height, eyes, arms, hair, teeth

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Shoulders, biceps and height.

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Actually it is something that I just can’t use words to really convey. The first thing that I notice is their demeanor, facial expressions, smile, eyes and whether I get good vibes or not from them. A woman could be the most attractive physically but if I get a bad feeling about them immediately then they lose their attractability to me. I guess the first thing that I notice is their demeanor, facial expressions and body language since there are no definite physical features by themselves that do it for me alone. My gut feelings tends to be correct.

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Face, tits, arse & hopefully the latter is as clean as the answers you requested, otherwise, pewww!

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Hey, he’s back!
Nice to see you again, @ucme!

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Cheers “dutch”, feels a little like starting over but that’ll soon pass.

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Overall appearance. I don’t mean I look at their brand name clothes and how impeccably they’re dressed and if they spend a lot of money on their clothes, but whether or not they’re neat and clean in appearance. If their hair is messy, eyes are bloodshot, their shirt is hanging out, their pants are falling down, then this gives me the impression they’re not trying very hard to impress anyone and they don’t really care about themselves to make an attempt to look presentable.

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Her hair, her heels, her cheesecake (in that order) Them maybe what junk-in-the-trunk she has.

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