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For a woman where do you draw the line between sexy and slutty fashion?

Asked by auhsojsa (2516points) February 6th, 2012

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I don’t. What I find “sexy” is about my own particular attractions, and what I find “slutty” is about my own particular prejudices. Neither of those things seem particularly good grounds for judging someone else or their fashion sense.

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“Sexy” is when a woman clearly is in her element, dressing for herself, in her presence, confident, yet clearly sensual.
“Slutty” is when it is obvious it is all about attention mongering, shock value.

Any truly discerning person can FEEL the difference.

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That has to be done on a case by case basis. I have seen women with the same coloring and body shape wearing essentially the same thing. One is sexy the other slutty, it is all in how they carry themselves while wearing it.

Like @Coloma said it is a feel more than a look.

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I don’t get slutty. As a concept.

I think slutty is something you say about a woman you resent. I rarely find myself resenting women.

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Sexy is when I find a woman physically attractive.
Slutty is when I figure there is gonna be a line.

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Are you serious? This Versus this

I don’t resent the first “this” but I still feel it’s slutty.

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It depends on the situation. I’ve been to clubs where it’s normal for women to wear very little clothing. Obviously, you can’t wear such little clothing in the workplace, so if a woman just happens to be wearing a tube top and skirt with school girl socks, she might be missing some tact.

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@auhsojsa I really don’t get the difference between, i want to “fuck this much” and “I want to fuck in a way that make you feel comfortable”.

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But @auhsojsa, those examples show poses, not fashion. Your question was about fashion, right? Do you think the outfit in the first shot is inherently slutty, or is it just the position of her body? It looks like a pretty ordinary bathing suit (or whatever it is) to me. And in the second you can hardly see the clothes.

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