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Do you ever get stuck speaking with an accent?

Asked by AshLeigh (15889points) February 6th, 2012

My sister, @LezboPirate, and I like to speak with random accents. And sometimes it’s hard to stop speaking in an accent, and go back to normal.
Has this ever happened to you?

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Anytime I spend any time with someone speaking an accent, I end up with the same accent for a few hours. It can be just from watching a movie.
I had a friend whose mother was a holocast survivor, and she thought I was making fun of her at first. I really can’t control it.

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I once got very, very, horrendously drunk with a very dear friend, and according to my other friends, she and I would not stop talking in Cockney accents for the rest of the night. I’m talking hours.

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I noticed when speaking with a woman from the south recently that I drop my “r“s into “ah” sounds. It only happens when someone actually mentions they expect me to talk with a Boston accent because I live close.

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I lived in Massachusetts for only about two years, but despite the fact that its been nearly twenty-years since I lived there, I still speak it with that accent from time-to-time. Nowadays, I usually have a sort of monotone, but I live in NY. So, anytime I get animated, thee dreadful New York accent comes out.
I can’t help it; lord knows, I’ve tried and tried.

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My friend and I used to talk in “Kip-Voice”. We talked like Kip from Napoleon Dynamite. I’m talkin weeks. Even when we weren’t around each other. I still do it sometimes and that was freshman year of high school. And of course when I was drunk in Italy I talked with an Italian accent.

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Well, I already have an accent, so, yes?

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I can speak like the swedish chef from the muppets, only when blind drunk though.

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@redfeather That is hilarious!
Sometimes I speak with a German/Irish accent and I get stuck with it for about an hour after intentionally doing it.

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I once had a riveting half hour conversation about zygotes using a Australian accent… yes.. we had been drinking.. but everyone in Denny’s at the time seemed to enjoy it.. though… we were drinking .. so.. they were probably annoyed.

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@filmfann Must’ve been a blast after watching The Fighter

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I have a French accent when I speak English that won’t quite go away. But when I lived in Winnipeg and spoke English all the time, when I moved to Qu├ębec and spoke French, people assumed I was Italian. I thought the accent would never go away, but it did.

As far as faking accents go…a friend and I loved to fake Scottish accents and talk like that in public. It was a huge job trying to keep at it though, I bet nobody actually thought we were Scottish. It certainly did not stay after we quit, although my mouth muscles were aching for hours after, haha.

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