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How to prevent flyaways and static in human hair?

Asked by AshlynM (10542points) February 7th, 2012

I always have a problem with flyaways and static after blow drying my hair. Water is only a temporary fix.

I wonder which hair products work best to combat this situation. Any suggestions? Thanks!

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Any hair wax shall do ! The solid kind, not gel or hair spray. Wax will keep your fly away down but also leave your hair flexble.

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I like to use Dove Smooth and Soft.
Just one drop rubbed on my fingers then over and through my hair makes a difference.

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Use heavier conditioner in the winter. If you don’t use hairspray usually, use some during the winter months. When you wash your clothes use softener or dryer sheets, sweaters rub a used dryer sheet on it. When I used to pull my clothes over my head the static in my hair was unbelievable. There also is a spray to reduce static, I don’t remember the name of it. Spray some on your brush, or clothing. Keeping your house more humid can help too in the winter, a few humidifiers aren’t very expensive.

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I carry spray on “leave in” conditioner with me and spray it on my hair brush to ease the fly-a-ways. Don’t spray it directly on your hair or it will make it really flat.

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I use organic almond oil for my skin daily in the dry weather. I rub a few drops on my hands and then on hair.

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I love the “Bedhead, after party” product. A little after blowdrying smooths and shines the hair and calms any static flyaways. It’s a bit pricey, about $18 or so, but lasts a long time depending on the length of your hair. My hair is a little below shoulder length, longer rather than shorter and a bottle lasts me about 3 months. Great product!

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Aussie spray on leave in conditioner works for that. Not too expensive.

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I use triple condition by Garnier, and it helped a lot. I dyed my hair continuously for 14 months, so my hair was fried. And it helped a lot. It takes away frizz for up to 6 hours, at least for me. I have really long hair. It’s also pretty cheap(;

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