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Is there a way to add a word to spell check on your cell phone?

Asked by Pandora (31937points) February 7th, 2012

Stupid spell check has gotten me too many times to remember them all. Today, I text my daughter. Have a hood day. LOL Good thing I suppose is that it probably makes her laugh.

What really irks me is when it really has a hard time accepting a actual word and insists on changing it. It once took me 3 tries before it would let the word through. I don’t remember what the word was but it was spelled correctly each time.
It will especially give me hard time with spanish words.
What stupid spell check errors have you texted lately?

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I guess I’m screwed. It won’t allow me to add more shortcuts. I was so exited. But thanks. If I upgrade later this year than maybe it will have that option.

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If you’re saying that your iOS device isn’t running iOS 5 and that you don’t have the option to add shortcuts explicitly, you still have the option of either of the original approaches:

1. typing the word over and over until your iPhone learns it (preferred)
2. adding a new contact with the word you want as its name (hack)

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Jailbreak it and there are loads of options if you download thr right packages.

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@XOIIO I have now idea about jailbreaking a phone. :(
@robmandu I guess I’m going to have to do it the hard way. Thanks you both for your answers.

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@Pandora Check it out on youtube, loads of instructions.

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@Pandora Check it out on youtube, loads of instructions, and autocorrect just nabbed you didn’t it? No, not now XD

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I’m curious about this.

If I add the word to my contacts list, must it remain there permanently, or can it be erased once the phone has “learned” it?

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