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I can't get my gauges out of my ears. Does anyone have experience and can help?

Asked by deni (22607points) February 7th, 2012

I have small gauges in my ears. Size 6 I think. They’re flared, smaller in the middle and bigger on both ends so they don’t fall out. I’ve had them in for about a year.

Originally I had to stretch the hole to be big enough to fit the LARGER end of the earring in, but for the past year the hole has shrunk to be only the size of the middle. So I can’t get it out. I don’t want to rip my ear trying, but I’d really really like to change them. I’ve tried vitamin E oil to lube em up, but as soon as I get it to what feels like being close to out (but, isn’t really that close at all probably) it starts to hurt and I get nervous and stop.

Has anyone else had this problem before? Any advice? Anything? Thank you. :)

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you need to see a doctor, an ENT if you have one nearby. the skin may have adhered to the gauges, and if they have, they might have to be removed surgically.

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@DrBill I can move them around plenty. I twist them every day, the skin is definitely not stuck to the earring…is that what you mean

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@deni If you can move them around like that, then it’s just that ittightened back up. Man up, bite a spoon and yank them out. well, not yank but you know mean.

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@deni I would take a bath and just kinda soak your ears in warm water for a while. That always loosens them up. Then you can put Vaseline on them too to help. Past that, ya just gotta yank.

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It sounded to me like the skin has grown over the area, but if you can turn them, I doubt that is the case. Still, it might be difficult to stretch the skin to remove them, and so you might tear your lobe a little. A little vaseline or KY might help make the skin more pliable? Otherwise see a doctor, not an ENT, either GP/primary, or maybe a dermatoligist. They can cut the skin a little if need be. But, I don’t think you will be able to pop in another if you need to cut the area to get it out.

I know you didn’t ask, but I wanted to comment that I have a regular ear pierce, a second hole in my left ear, I only put an earing in it every 5 years or so, and it is always open, that little hole never closes up. I always recommend to young people to please not use those gauges in their ears. Most people do not find them attractive, and if you ever want to stop wearing them it might not be easy to close the area.

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I was just thinking maybe just soaping the area will get it out, like a tight ring around a finger.

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If you have enough play, they make a tool that can clip the post. We had one in the ambulance I crewed. We never had a need to use it, but that might make more sense than surgery if it comes down to it.

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@JLeslie I used to have gauges big enough to fit a quarter through. I have since taken them out and they closed to the size of a normal earring. Most people can’t even tell my ears were pierced.

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@uberbatman I have heard other people say similar to what you have, but I also know women who back in the day wore very heavy earings, and their holes were stretched because of it and did not snap back. It probably varies by individual. I wouldn’t risk it, but that is me.

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it seems like as long as you gauge your ears right before you plan on letting them close they will heal right, but I understand why one wouldnt want to risk it.

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@JLeslie Yes I always notice when a womans ears are sagging from heavy earrings. Kinda grosses me out. My gauges you can’t even really tell are gauges, and I wouldn’t go much bigger and then expect to ever take them out. so :)

@uberbatman I think I will try the bath idea. Thats what my brother suggested except taking a very hot steamy shower and trying to pull them out RIGHT after that while everything is still loosey goosey….so maybe tonight. But I really don’t want to rip my ear, my friend did that and she got one of those big bumps that are skin colored but kind of look like moles….on her ear. I am trying to avoid that by all means necessary lol

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