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Are there any websites that will allow you to play text based only games?

Asked by AshlynM (10569points) February 8th, 2012

These games are based solely on text. There are no pictures, no music, nothing. Just a lot of reading and you advance on the keyboard usually by hitting enter or the arrow keys.

I hope my question isn’t too confusing. Thanks in advance!

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I don’t know of any such website, but I would suggest that you try some old Atari emulators, you could no doubt find plenty of text based games that way.

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I would need an example. I’m aware of text adventure games, but they require a lot more than just hitting ‘Enter’ or arrow keys.

Atari systems were at the front in terms of graphics and sound; you’d find far more games based on that than text. Either way, they weren’t web based.

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Thanks! I’ll look into those.

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There’s Frotz for iPhone/iPad. Maybe they have a site, too.

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It helps if you google them by name.

There is a text-based MMO (or is it a MUD?) called Moral Decay.

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Here’s quite a few of the old school Infocom adventure games online for free, including the Zork series, and hitchiker’s guide to the galaxy.

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There is star wars in command promt, I can remember the link if you want, it runs off a telnet server.

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Last I checked, Zork is a free download.

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Yes. Quite a few. A lot of the old Infocom text games have been put online for free. For example, there’s zork. I’m sure you could find HHGTTG and a few others if you googled around a bit.

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