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Loser needs a new name. What should it be?

Asked by susanc (16134points) May 21st, 2008

He’s not a loser.

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How about “nadaloser”? Has a nice Spanish flare to it!

p.s. Hope you are well buddy :)

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TWFKAL ? (the winner formerly knows as loser_

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Why not let him decide? Maybe he likes it.

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Mr.Concise – it would suit his answers :)

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@ezraglenn I spelled loser backwards, to turn him around. What’s yours?

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It’s his name, he chooses. How would you like it if the collective decided you needed a new name. The suggestion was made and now it is up to him.

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@susan; did you get L’s OK on this?

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Porcupine Pete

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it’s an anagram.

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I did not get his okay but I did threaten him (isn’t that the same thing?) on the “where is loser” thread.
I think I said something like “loser, your name doesn’t fit you; how about choosing
a better one? or we will.” I know it wasn’t very respectful.
We can’t MAKE him change.
He has to want to.
If he doesn’t want to we have to abide by his decision.

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we’re not on a serious note on this one, we’re just having fun and want to spoil him to do or say something, so a good name for him will be his opposite: “finder”

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