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IPhone's Siri - in how many languages does this feature work?

Asked by srmorgan (6768points) February 8th, 2012

Just curious about how Siri handles things like British or Jamaican or Australian accents and jargon?
What about French, Spanish, German, etc.?

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* English (United States, United Kingdom, Australia)
* French
* German

And in the future, it may support Spanish as well as a few other languages.

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I’ve read that it fails badly for people with accents.

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@6rant6 That is kind of what prompted the question: southern accents, Irish brogues, Scottish burs, incomprehensible Australians,,,,,


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There are varying degrees of success with Australian accents. Those with accents generally termed ‘broad Australian’ would find it most difficult to get an accurate response from siri and other such systems. I’ve had a play around with it before and had no such issues, but I have a rather weak accent, so it might not be relevant.

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