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Has the government finally realized that profiling has some merit as applied to airline security?

Asked by saint (3972points) February 8th, 2012

After 10 years of PC bullshit, it looks like somebody finally got it right
The Israelis have been doing this for years. Glad to see the enlightened USA has finally come to its senses.

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Sounds good!

I wonder if they’ll continue profiling once we start traveling into space?

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The idea behind this makes sense to me. But wouldn’t it be easy enough for a committed terrorist—someone who has nothing to do all day but think of ways around the system—to come up with fraudulent passes? I don’t think any security measures are going to withstand indefinitely the efforts of people who can put their whole minds and substantial resources into beating them. Anything that can be counterfeited seems like a weak link to me.

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The problem isn’t profiling itself, but rather, how profiling is normally done. And it still doesn’t solve the issues of forgery and deep-cover operatives who rack up enough frequent flyer miles to be deemed “low risk”.

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