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Does anyone else get slightly annoyed when someone wishes you happy birthday?

Asked by amazingme (1855points) February 8th, 2012

My birthday was yesterday and I am very aware that birthdays aren’t fun or special anymore when you’re an adult. But do you ever get annoyed when people wish you happy birthday? I do, I try not to show that I’m annoyed and I don’t know why I get annoyed.

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I think birthdays are as special as you want them to be. You may miss the whole center of attention bit, but that does usually calm down a some as you get older, unless you keep it alive. Throw yourself a party if no one throws one for you. Ask friends to bring an appetizer instead of a gift. You supply the beverages and some food yourself.
And never get annoyed at people wishing you well, for heaven’s sake. I’m glad you tried not to show it. Sometimes it’s hard to acknowledge you’re getting older, but, if you’re lucky, that will keep happening. Wait ‘til you hit the big zero birthdays. They can be a real kick in the pants! Happy birthday.

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I love birthdays and I love when people acknowledge it.

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I do appreciate the fact that they remembered, but YES, I get annoyed and I’d rather it had gone by unnoticed!

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I don’t even tell people it’s my birthday for that reason.

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Once I hit 30. Before that I used to love them.

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Perhaps you need to spend some time exploring your feelings to find out why a perfectly normal societal custom annoys you. You can’t change things if you don’t understand them.

People are wishing you happy birthday because it is the custom. If you don’t want it, don’t let people know when your birthday is.

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I disagree that birthdays aren’t fun anymore when you’re an adult, and I love having people wish me a happy birthday. Probably your friends are assuming that you’ll enjoy the attention.

If you are annoyed by birthday wishes on Facebook, you can choose not to display your birthday – then only close friends (if anyone) will be aware that it’s occurring. It won’t entirely eliminate the problem, but at least it will reduce the number of times that you get annoyed. :)

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“I am very aware that birthdays aren’t fun or special anymore when you’re an adult.”

WHAT??? I absofrigginlutely love my birthday and I’m 32! I get all excited about two weeks beforehand and look forward to adding another year to my age. My parents take me and my fam out to dinner and I get chocolates and other goodies. What’s not special or fun about that? =0)

To actually answer the question, no I don’t get annoyed at all. I like all the birthday wishes; it’s my special day and recognition of that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy!

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No, birthdays are special events to me even though I’m well into adulthood. As others write, they are what you make them.

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Only with this one guy from work, but that’s only because he snorts like a pig when he laughs. I fucking hate pork!

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I don’t. I love birthday wishes. Why does it annoy you?

I do birthday month! My birthday is early January, and many people remember, but many people also remember a day late, or a week late. After all that holiday season stuff, people are all done after New Years. LOL. So, I do stuff all month, I don’t worry about the day because it is so inconvenient for most people, but I love the 60+ Happy Birthdays I got on facebook, and the 4 or 5 texts, and the 6 or 7 phone calls on my birthday.

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Slightly annoyed???


It is for this very reason that the second amendment was enacted.

‘Nuff said.

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Yeah, birthdays for me now are always just normal days, but I don’t get annoyed if someone wishes me happy birthday. It’s kinda cool actually, and makes me think of some cool birthdays I had in the past, and a few not so cool ones. Still, I don’t mind it. Happy Halloween!

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Not at all. There’s far less kerfuffle now than when I was younger, and I can’t say that I want to get any older, but I like it when people acknowledge it.

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Happy Belated Birthday @amazingme!

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Oh yeah. I’ve gone many years just hating people wishing me a happy birthday. I’m starting to attribute that to my being unable to enjoy my birthday my way, someone else is always dictating what I have to do. The funniest time was when a old bf and I were visiting with his favorite professor and his family and the daughter starts talking about birthdays and whens mine and I say today. Rather stunned silence.

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I’m way more annoyed when no one does.

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